Accountability and Performance Update – November 1-7, 2021

What Is Evidence? Basics of Evidence, Brief  #1

Urban Institute

By understanding the many types, uses, and qualities of good evidence, federal policymakers and program managers can improve their policies and programs and—ultimately—social, economic, environmental, and other outcomes. 

Evidence-Based Policymaking: Survey Results Suggest Increased Use of Performance Information across the Federal Government

 U.S. Government Accountability Office

Using results from GAO’s 2020 survey of about 4,000 federal managers, this report analyzes reported views on the use of performance information in decision-making at their agencies. The reported use of performance information in decision-making increased across the federal government when compared to prior surveys.

Federal Agencies Are Using Data and Evidence to Drive an Equitable Recovery

Results for America

Results for America released the 2021 Invest in What Works Federal Standard of Excellence, which highlights the progress that nine leading federal agencies have made in implementing the Evidence Act and using evidence and data to improve the impact of $286 billion in federal investments.

Ten Steps for Advancing Racial Equity with American Rescue Plan Funding


PolicyLink report identifies ten priorities for advancing racial equity by using ARP Act funds, including tracking disaggregated data to ensure accountability to equity goals.

With Data, Cities Max ARP Spending Plans

Bloomberg Cities Network

recent survey of What Works Cities members found that 70 percent are systematically using data-informed decision-making to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Bloomberg Cities checked in with a number of these cities to identify four main ways that having solid data capacity in place is helping governments deploy their new federal funds effectively.

Building an Equitable Future

Barrett & Greene (Chris Fabian)

ResourceX partnered with Results for America and the Government Finance Officers Association to work with a cohort of cities on the What Works Cities City Budgeting for Equity and Recovery (CBER) program. Through this program, select cities endeavored to define equity for their community and align resources accordingly through Priority Based Budgeting.

Resource of the Week:  List of Performance-Focused Reports Over the Years

Urban Institute 

A search of Urban Institute reports associated with Harry Hatry produces a fascinating list of 160 reports spanning several decades of Institute reports on performance management and related topics.

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