Accountability and Performance Update – January 3-9, 2022

Tennessee Adds More Evidence, Data Requirements to Budget Proposal Process

Kingsport Times News

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee is required to present next year’s budget proposal before Feb. 1, and the process leading up to it now includes a complete evidence-based budget analysis, including a series of new questions for each state agency.

U.S. Treasury Releases Final Guidance for Performance Reporting on Recovery Funds

U.S. Treasury Department

The American Rescue Plan established the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds to provide $340 billion to states, localities and tribal governments. This final guidance encourages evidence-based services in education, nutrition, social programs; and investments in evidence building and program evaluation.

Priority-Based Budgeting Has a Short-Term Impact

Public Budgeting & Finance Journal (David Mitchell et al)

Do results justify the significant organizational costs of changing budget and accounting practices? It does work, but authors caution that budgetary reallocation toward higher-priority departments begins to wane by the third year after priority-based budgeting is implemented, potentially limiting its long-term effectiveness.

Rooting for the Infrastructure Implementation Task Force

Government Executive (Ed DeSeve)

The new Implementation Task Force created by President Biden to implement the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act should actively work to see that state, local, tribal and territorial governments are adequately organized to receive and account for funds.

Resource of the Week:  National Center for Public Performance

Institute for Public Service, Suffolk University-Boston

NCPP sponsors conferences, training events, research, and publications supporting a network of public performance practitioners and academics in the US and across the globe. The new Center executive director is Aroon Manoharan and the new managing director is Mary Gibson.

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