Purpose of CAP Case Studies

The main purpose of the CAP Case Studies is to advance the knowledge and understanding of agency and organization efforts to improve performance management, strategic planning, and program evaluation.

The development of these case studies may also advance the knowledge, experience, and understanding of these areas by authors who develop the case studies. They will in turn advance the organizational learning by the host agency or organization.

In addition, these case studies are intended to serve as a source of knowledge transfer between the research community and the practitioner community. The experience acquired as part of the development of these case studies could also lead to some degree of mentoring of the student in the academic and the Practitioner environment.

This case study and mentoring process will not only advance the field of performance management but will also assist in building, training, and recruiting a cadre of professionals in the field. The CAP Case Study process is an integral part of CAP’s mission and serves as an example of partnerships in performance management.

The process for developing CAP Case Studies is intended to enhance and complement all existing programs offered by universities and other organizations.  It is not intended to supplant or in any way replace any existing internship, fellowships, or training programs.