Accountability and Performance Update – June 14 – 20, 2021

Budgeting for More Equitable Communities

EY (Andrew Kleine)

Local and state governments are reassessing their budget processes to prioritize equity for all their constituents. 

States and Localities Should Implement Equity Compliance Measures

RouteFifty (Martin O’Malley)

As Americans increasingly demand equitable action from government officials, the ability to model, measure and map equity in real time paves the way for a new model of governing to address injustices.

States and Localities Should Strengthen Data Analytics Capacity Using Rescue Plan Funds

American Public Human Services Association

This is the fourth of a multi-part blog series that will take a detailed look at the American Rescue Plan and the ways in which we can leverage it to strengthen the resiliency of our public health and human services infrastructure, and, in turn, substantially move the needle on social and economic mobility so families succeed for the long run.

Using Targets to Improve Public Service

Institute for Government (UK)

Government targets in public services may do more harm than good.

Planning Doesn’t Have to Be the Enemy of Agile

Harvard Business Review

Agile planning helps resolve the tension between traditional planning’s focus on hard numbers, and the need for “soft data,” or human judgment

Resource of the WeekA Primer on Performance Management – a Guide for Leaders

Commonwealth Secretariat (Praja Trivedi)

Governments are complex, multi-layered organisations and, not surprisingly, government effectiveness and efficiency have many dimensions 

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Accountability and Performance Update – June 7 – 13, 2021

Federal Grants Management: Improving Outcomes, Transparency, and Operational Quality

Federalism.US (Shelley Metzenbaum)

The report, “Federal Grants Management: Improving Outcomes,” argues that the federal grants management system needs to shift from an emphasis on administrative matters to one focused on improving outcomes, informed by analyses that suggest the right places to focus.

Leading by Example and Organizational Performance

FCW (Steve Kelman)

Leading by example enhanced store productivity and service quality at the store level, more than charismatic leadership who simply presented a vision in words. It should work in public sector, as well.

The Budget Process Is 100 Years Old Today and Its Age Is Showing

Government Executive

June 10 marks the centennial of the Budget and Accounting Act of 1921, a law requiring, among other things, the president to annually present Congress with a budget proposal for government.

Parsing the Evidence Requirements of Federal Covid Aid


School districts are grappling with how to spend the latest and largest installment of federal relief for public schools, the American Recovery Plan’s $123 billion Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER) fund. 20 percent of funds must be spent on “evidence-based” interventions. What is “evidence-based” mean?

Call for Papers

Public Performance & Management Review

Defining generally accepted performance principles: challenges and opportunities. Proposals due: July 15, 2021. If accepted, then full papers due: March 15, 2022.

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Accountability and Performance Update – May 31-June 6, 2021

Who Is a CDO’s Boss?

Federal News Network

The Chief Data Officers Council is getting feedback from agency CDOs on the niche they’re carving out in their agencies’ org chart and how they’re handling their work.

How Can Congressional Staff Support Implementation of Data Act?

Data Foundation

Three tips in 61 seconds of video.

Biden Budget to Evaluate Effectiveness of Tax Expenditures

Results for America

Back in 2018, Results for America economist advocated evaluating tax expenditures. The Biden Budget would that that vision into reality.

Benchmarking Race, Inclusion and Diversity in Global Engagement: 2021 Survey Results

Social Impact

Methodology and snapshot of diversity at the staff, senior management, head of organization, and board levels, in United States (US)-based headquarters of international development and humanitarian assistance organizations. 

Budget Processes in the States, 2021 edition

National Association of State Budget Officers

New report on state budget processes sheds light on state decision-making during COVID-19

Resource: What Works in Federal Policy

Results for America

Link to its monthly newsletter

Resource: Celebrating One Year of OPRE Insights

Administration on Children and Families, HHS

The Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation blogs to provide timely information about OPRE and the principles that guide our work; summarize key research findings; and more.

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Accountability and Performance Update – May 24 – 30, 2021

Biden Says He Is ‘Recommitting to Good Government’ in Full Fiscal 2022 Budget Proposal

Government Executive

It previews priorities in the upcoming president’s management agenda, including scientific integrity, trust in government and equity in policy making.

Biden FY2022 Budget – Breaking Down the PMA

MeriTalk (Alan Balutis)

I found reasons to be confident as well as reasons to be concerned.

Virginia Launches Dashboard to Track Public Health and Equity


The dashboards, state Chief Data Officer Carlos Rivero said in a press release, set a new mark for collaboration across government.

OIG Investigations Face Challenge of Too Little and Too Much Data

Federal News Network

Quantity of data can undermine federal investigations in two ways: Either investigators receive sparse, filtered-out responses to their inquiries that leave crucial information out, or they can be inundated with too much data that makes it hard to see the forest for the trees.

American’s Understanding of the Pandemic Was Shaped by Messy Data

Government Executive

In this post, we’ll offer a summary of how states reported the five major COVID-19 metrics—tests, cases, deaths, hospitalizations, and recoveries—and a look at how reporting complexities shaped our understanding of the pandemic.

2021 Invest in What Works State Standards of Excellence

Results for America

On May 25, 2021, Results for America launched the 2021 State Standard of Excellence submission process

Measure4Change Performance Measurement Playbook

Urban Institute

The playbook is structured into 16 topics grouped into 5 areas that serve as the foundation for performance measurement in nonprofits

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Accountability and Performance Update – May 17 – 23, 2021

Senators Seek to Get Pentagon to Achieve a Clean Audit

Government Executive

A bipartisan bill would penalize the Defense Department for failing its FY 2022 audit.

Do Federal Grants Need Tweaking for Better Results?

Federal News Network

Shelley Metzenbaum offers a detailed plan for how government might get better outcomes for the grant dollars it gives. 

Questions Loom for States, Localities About How to Spend Billions in Covid Relief Funds

Route Fifty

Federal and policy experts told city officials that governments that lost revenue during the pandemic have greater flexibility for using the American Rescue Plan money.

From Rescue to Resilience: How American Rescue Plan Funding Can Support Long-Term Fiscal Health


Andrew Kleine describes ten ways state and local governments can use their Covid relief funding to become more fiscally sustainable for the long term.

Five Best Practices for Strategic Planning

Partnership for Public Service

To help agencies develop their 2022-2026 strategic plans, the Partnership for Public Service and Grant Thornton are hosting a three-part workshop series with strategic planners from across the federal government. 

Biden’s DOD Will Huddle About How to Replace CMO Position

Federal News Network

The Pentagon is preparing for its future without a chief management officer position, a role Congress eliminated in this year’s defense authorization act.

Justice Department Launches New COVID-19 Fraud Task Force

Government Executive

President Biden has been encouraging strong oversight of relief funds.

Pedestrians and Cyclists: Better Information to States and Enhanced Performance Management Could Help DOT Improve Safety

Government Accountability Office

While a DOT guide has useful information on a range of pedestrian and cyclist safety countermeasures, only 3 of 26 countermeasures were demonstrated to be effective.

Executive Order on Climate-Related Financial Risk

White House

Develop, within 120 days of the date of this order, a comprehensive, Government-wide strategy regarding the measurement, assessment, mitigation, and disclosure of climate-related financial risk to Federal Government programs, assets, and liabilities in order to increase the long-term stability of Federal operations.

Funding Performance: How Great Donors Invest in Grantee Success

Leap Ambassadors

While these 8 essays are directed to nonprofits and foundation funders, their principles can be applied to government grant programs as well.

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