Accountability and Performance Update – May 29-June 4, 2023

President’s Management Agenda: Quarterly Update

U.S. Office of Management and Budget

The May updates covered progress made during the second quarter of FY2023 (Jan – Mar) in each of the three priority areas: federal workforce, customer experience, and business operations.

White House Reveals Two New “Life Experience” CX Projects


The White House has revealed details of two governmentwide technology projects focused on improving the user design of systems used by citizens to subscribe for Medicare and apply for federal disaster relief programs.

Resource of the Week:  Problem-Framing Canvas: Making Sense of Problems for Better Responses

Griffith Centre for Systems Innovation

This canvas and workbook help develop better skills to analyze problems and to reflect, test, and learn about possible responses more effectively. 

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Accountability and Performance Update – May 22-28, 2023

Eight Leading Practices to Enhance Interagency Collaboration and Address Crosscutting Challenges

U.S. Government Accountability Office

GAO’s eight leading practices for interagency collaboration include key considerations for collaborating entities to use when implementing them. This report also includes examples illustrating how the leading practices apply to a number of different collaboration challenges and successes, including the use of metrics.

Congressional Evidence-Based Policymaking Resolution

U.S. Congress

Bipartisan proposal to establish a new Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking to review, analyze, and make recommendations to Congress to promote its use of federal data for evidence-building and evidence-based policymaking.

Visualization Guide – A Quick Reference

Medium/Data-Driven Investor

Visualizing data is an essential skill for any data analyst; it allows you to communicate insights effectively and engage your audience. This guide helps you select which visual works best for the data you want to communicate.

Five Enablers for a New Phase of Behavioral Science

BehavioralScientist (Michael Hallsworth)

Behavioral science has seen a tremendous amount of growth and interest over the last decade, largely focused on expanding its uses and methods. My sense is it’s ready for a new phase of maturity. That maturity involves behavioral scientists reflecting on the various ways that their actions are shaped by structural, institutional, environmental, economic, and historical factors.

Second Annual Open Data Policy Summit (On-Line, June 12; 9am-12pm, ET)

Open Data Policy Lab

This virtual conference will take the form of three hours of panels and conversations on real-world examples of open data and data reuse initiatives from around the world.

Resource of the Week:  Transforming State Data Systems to Inform Decisions

Data Quality Campaign

This resource describes the types of data access that people need to successfully navigate decisions through education and the workforce, details four use cases in which Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems are necessary to support decisionmaking, and describes clear ways that state and federal leaders can take action to make this vision a reality.

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Accountability and Performance Update – May 15-21, 2023

As Data Quantity Explodes, Quality Matter

International Journal of Public Administration

As data has become ever more important to governments, the quality of that data has become an increasingly serious issue. A number of nations, including the United States, are taking steps to deal with it.

VA EHR Contract Has Higher Performance Targets

Federal News Network

The Department of Veterans Affairs is renewing its multibillion-dollar contract for a new Electronic Health Record, with new terms meant to hold the vendor accountable for persistent outages.

Making Evidence Matter

Education Resources for Action

This initiative provides practical, research-based insights for educational leaders, with research briefs on topics such as reducing student absenteeism. 

Using Data to Drive Customer Experience

Federal News Network

Federal Agencies are increasingly turning to design thinking, digital tools and their own data stores to drive forward their “customer experience” initiatives.

Resource of the Week:  Evidence & Policy Journal (Open Access)

Bristol University Press 

Research on knowledge brokers, use of research evidence by legislatures, co-production of evidence, and more.

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Accountability and Performance Update – May 8-14, 2023

Progress in White House “Year of Evidence for Action” Initiative

Pew Charitable Trusts

The evidence project and its partners coordinate the Transforming Evidence Funders Network and the broader sister network, The Transforming Evidence Network. Many network participants are leading efforts that align with activities in the Year of Evidence for Action. 

Interagency Effort Targets Half of Veterans Who Never Engage with VA


There’s a lot of focus on operational metrics, but internal data shows roughly half of transitioning servicemembers never engage with VA. “We’re curious why might that be,” says one Veterans Affairs executive.

Why Preventing Fraud Is Not a Government Priority

Government Executive (Linda Miller Op-Ed)

Agency leaders need more institutional incentives to manage fraud, waste, and abuse in their programs systemically, argues one former member of the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee.

Job Announcement: Chief Performance Office, State of Maryland

The successful candidate will possess the core competencies, skills, and passion to effectively advise the Governor and executive branch agencies on how best to implement performance management efforts statewide. (Deadline: May 25)

The US Social Progress Map: Tutorial (2:20 minute Video)

Social Progress Imperative

A powerful new tool provides an in-depth look at the Social Progress Index for 50 states and 500 of the largest cities across the United States. Governments, public health agencies, businesses, investors, non-profits, academics and more can use it to track progress and identify areas for improvement.

Resource of the Week:  Explore the U.S. Federal Strategic Portfolio

U.S. Office of Management and Budget

The Performance.Gov website now has a dashboard that provides the ability to explore the federal government’s 98 strategic goals, 351 strategic objectives, and 90 agency priority goals by keyword, theme, agency, and more.

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Accountability and Performance Update – May 1-7, 2023

WEBINAR: Local Strategic Planning & Community Engagement (May 17 – 11 a.m. Eastern)

National Academy of Public Administration

Leaders from Baltimore County, MD, and South Bend, IN, will talk about their communities’ needs and lessons learned on the importance of strategic planning and public engagement.

Foresight: Reimagining American Democracy as Governance for the Future

The Fulcrum (Suzette Brooks Masters)

The United States — at all levels and across all branches — lags many other countries in adopting and making full use of strategic foresight and futures thinking to chart a course towards our North Star — a more equitable, pluralist, sustainable and abundant society and planet.

It’s Time for a Health Check Up!

IBM Center for The Business of Government

The U.S. Office of Management and Budget’s mid-April memo to agencies on the post-pandemic workplace directs agencies to establish ongoing routines to assess, monitor progress and diagnose issues relating to organizational health and performance matters, such as improving employee engagement, customer service and employee-to-contractor ratios. It also directs agencies to develop an “organizational health and performance framework” that encompasses a set of indicators to measure, monitor, and improve organizational health and performance.

New Organizational Health and Performance Directive for Federal Agencies: A Fertile Field for Research

PATimes (Bill Brantley)

Over the years, I’ve refined the concepts of organizational health and agility with a focus on the role of leadership . . .  As federal agencies implement the OMB Org Health Memo, they can provide the data to study the links between leadership, engagement and organizational health and performance.

Our Accountability System is Broken. Fix It First

Government Executive

In an op-ed column, Ron Sanders says our accountability system — the way we hold federal employees accountable for meeting reasonable standards of performance and behavior—is badly broken. As a result, it’s become a political albatross around the neck of other civil service reform efforts.

Does Performance-Related Pay Work?

Policy Design & Practice

A meta-analysis of studies finds a statistically significant, positive but small population effect size between performance-related pay and employee and performance outcomes.

Resource of the Week:  Example of a Great Federal Performance Report

U.S. Department of Commerce

The Commerce Performance Data Pro webpage provides key data sources about the department’s work, its FY 2022-2024 Annual Performance Plan and Report, and a separate set of “tiles” for each agency strategic objective and sub-objective in its four-year strategic plan. 

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