Accountability and Performance Update – June 20- 26, 2022

Quarterly Updates on Federal Agency Priority Goals

Office of Management and Budget

OMB posted quarterly updates to Agency Priority Goals on the website. Go to the website’s pull-down tab labeled “Agencies” to check status and progress of more than 80 agency-specific 2-year priority goals. Look for progress updates labeled “June 2022” to see status of agency action plans for FY2022, second quarter (January 1 – March 30 – there’s generally a three month-lag in posting publicly).

State Department “Data for Diplomacy” Awards

Federal News Network

From the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to personnel overseas, to tracking the air quality at U.S. embassies and consulates, the State Department is looking to make data-driven decisions in all aspects of its mission. . . . To prioritize that focus under its recent Enterprise Data Strategy, the department last month recognized five winners of its first annual Data for Diplomacy Awards.

Agencies Need Customer Experience Scorecards to Track Progress

Federal News Network

The Biden administration is calling on agencies to improve customer experience across government, but former government officials say a federal chief customer officer and scorecard are needed to track and encourage progress.

Data Literacy for Government Impact

Federal News Network

across a federal agency, a data-literate workforce has the power to transform mission-critical objectives and empower data-driven decision making, which ultimately helps modernize and improve government services. . . .  agency leaders should proceed with deliberate speed and intention across four key areas.

Resource of the Week:  What Works Cities

Launched by Bloomberg Philanthropies in April 2015, What Works Cities is one of the largest-ever philanthropic efforts to enhance cities’ use of data and evidence. What Works Cities helps local government improve residents’ lives by using data and evidence effectively to tackle pressing challenges.

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Accountability and Performance Update – June 13- 19, 2022

An Impossible Performance Standard

RouteFifty (Barrett & Greene)

Critics say a longstanding performance metric for work participation that is part of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program is faulty and should be reformed.

Research Symposium: Assessing Capacity for Using Data to Build Actionable Evidence (June 22-23)

Data Foundation/George Washington University

This virtual research symposium features speakers from OMB, RAND, the Census Bureau, and the Department of Homeland Security. The symposium will spotlight strategies that increase the use of data and evidence for decision-making and a better-informed society. Free registration.

Resource of the Week:  USA

“Our nation, in numbers:” One-stop website with nonpartisan facts drawn from multiple sources providing data, indicators, and visualizations of US economic, financial, environmental, and social conditions. A philanthropic endeavor supported by former MicroSoft CEO, Steve Ballmer.

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Accountability and Performance Update – June 6- 12, 2022

A Hopeful Update on the President’s Management Agenda

Steve Kelman says there’s a lot to like in the more recent Biden administration’s approaches to improving citizen satisfaction, employee engagement and acquisition reform – after a critical blog last Fall when the initial vision statement didn’t have enough about performance metrics.

Public Officials’ Interpretation of Conflicting Performance Information

Public Management Review (Amandine Lerusse and Steven Van de Walle)

The authors found that public officials use goal reprioritization rather than unbiased decision-making when assessing conflicting performance information, questioning the efficient use of performance information by public decisionmakers.

Webinar-What’s Happening in the Real World? Stories from Emerging Leaders in Performance Management: Thu, Jun 16, 2022 1PM – 2:00 PM EasternASPA Center for Accountability & Performance

What’s happening on the front lines of performance management? CAP’s latest cohort of “Emerging Leaders of Excellence” will share innovations in the field from around the U.S., including Arlington County, VA, Albuquerque, NM, Chattanooga, TN, and the Johns Hopkins Center for Government Excellence. Details and Register Here.

Reimagining State Data Systems for Education

Data Quality Campaign

State systems that securely bring together data from across the early childhood, K-12, postsecondary and workforce sectors should be the connective thread among agencies — but are not up to the task. DQC is partnering with others to collaboratively develop a vision that serves communities as well as policymakers and researchers.

Demographic Data Helps Colorado Lawmakers

Pew Charitable Trusts/Results First

To help lawmakers better understand how their proposals could create disparate outcomes for different populations, Colorado’s General Assembly established a formal, nonpartisan process in 2019 to analyze the potential impact of legislation in what are called demographic notes. This article describes how “demographic notes” work.

Resource of the Week: – The Home of Federal Program Evaluation

U.S. Office of Management and Budget

The Biden Administration has launched a “Year of Evidence for Action” at its first-ever White House Summit on Evidence, during which it will share leading practices from federal agencies and increase connections and collaboration among researchers via this one-stop website.

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Accountability and Performance Update – May 30-June 5, 2022

Performance Strategies & Tactics in USDA’s Strategic Plan

Owen Amber (LinkedIn Post)

Highlights of several USDA performance strategies and tactics detailed in its most recently released strategic plan.

GPRA Reform 3.0

The Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee introduced S.4167 “Federal Agency Performance Act of 2022” to amend the Government Performance and Results Act to require annual agency strategic reviews – which is currently an OMB-developed initiative begun under President Obama and which continues today. The bill also includes other administratively-developed best practices.

Minnesota Boosts State’s Capacity to Evaluate Effectiveness of Agency Programs

Pew Charitable Trusts/Results First

Minnesota has expanded its internal capacity to evaluate programs and guide their improvement to ensure better public outcomes with the creation of the state’s Impact Evaluation Unit

Using Machine Learning to Improve Targeting to At-Risk Populations

Social Impact

In this post, we highlight a recent Data Science project that used machine learning to improve a risk screen to more efficiently target violence-prevention counseling programs towards youth most at-risk of becoming involved in crime.

How the Federal Government Is Mobilizing to Enable Data-Driven Decision Making


This is the story of the federal government initiative to transform all Federal agencies to enable data-driven decision making in a fast-paced, changing, and competitive world and national economy.

Resource of the Week:  Conducting Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

J-PAL North America

This resource is intended for researchers who are interested in collecting cost data and conducting comparative cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) for their evaluation. 

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Accountability and Performance Update – May 23-29, 2022

4 Steps for Building a Programme-Based Budget for Local Government Leaders

One of the most direct breakthroughs in delivering on the fulfilment of budgeting for equitable prosperity is the ability to convert the budgeting process to a true programme budget.

Register: Frontiers of Government Performance Management (June 6-8; On-Line)

Commonwealth Secretariat

Be an observer of the international 2nd Biennial Pan-Commonwealth meeting of heads of public service/cabinet secretaries as they discuss generally-accepted performance principles and present case studies of what individual governments are doing to implement performance practices. Here is the Meeting Background & Agenda.

Leading Communities in Using Data & Evidence (YouTube video panel discussion; 45 min.)

Results for America

In this panel session, three state and local government leaders from both parties highlighted how investing in the use of data and evidence can improve the lives of local residents and reduce racial inequality. 

Resource of the Week:  Data Labs Playbook

The Beeck Center at Georgetown University and the National Governors’ Association teamed to develop this practical guide for public servants who want to launch a data-informed project in their state. It is based on a 9-month program in which 8 state teams developed a data project to support their Covid economic recovery efforts. 

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