There are many other professional organizations working in the field of performance measurement and management. Check out these great resources for more performance measurement news and research.

Centers for Civic Impact

The Centers for Civic Impact at Johns Hopkins University hosts three performance-related initiatives:  (1) The Center for Government Excellence, which provides coaching and technical assistance to city governments and nonprofits; (2) the GovEx Academy, which provides training and education; and (3) the Center for Applied Public Research, which supports evidence-based research and its application.

Results for America

This nonprofit, bipartisan organization focuses on encouraging decision-makers at all levels of government to harness the power of evidence and data to solve public challenges, and by advocating for investments in “what works.”

Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative

The Results First initiative works with states to implement an innovative evidence-based policymaking approach that helps them invest in policies and programs that are proved to work. This project is co-sponsored by the Pew Charitable Trusts and the MacArthur Foundation.

International City/County Management Association

This international professional association for city and county managers was an early advocate of the development and use of performance information in government, back in the 1930s. As part of its broader mission, it currently sponsors training, research and publications on the topic and partners with other organizations to advocate for its use.

Association for Government Accountants

This national professional association for public accountants in both the public and private sectors sponsors research and advocacy for performance management as part of its mission. It provides training, certification, standards, and guidance to its membership.

Data Quality Campaign

The nonprofit Data Quality Campaign (DQC) is the nation’s leading voice on education data policy and use. Our mission is to advocate to change the role of data in education so that every student is not only counted, but counts.

Data Foundation/Data Coalition

The nonprofit Data Foundation conducts research and educational activities on the use of data to solve public problems, accelerate policy coordination, and advance innovation. The Data Coalition is an initiative of the Foundation; it is a membership-based national advocacy community for responsible policies to make government data high-quality, accessible, and usable.

Centre for Public Impact

CPI is a nonprofit learning partner involved in helping public servants (1) collectively make sense of the complex challenges facing people and (2) adopt an action-learning, experimental, iterative mindset to day-to-day activities. They work in Europe, North America, and Australia/New Zealand.

Federal Foresight Community of Interest

FFCOI is an informal professional forum based on the discipline and application of foresight. It provides an opportunity for federal employees, think tanks, and industry to network, learn, analyze, develop, and communicate foresight methods and best practices to decision-makers and strategic planners.

Mid-Atlantic StatNet

MASN is an informal, professional practitioners association that meets twice a year, run by governments for governments interested in learning about and furthering the state and use of “Stat” to improve federal, state, and local performance. Members are drawn from the mid-Atlantic region’s localities, state governments, and federal agencies, along with invited non-governmental observers and participants.

Center for Data-Driven Policy (MITRE)

MITRE’S Center for Data-Driven Policy brings objective, evidence-based, nonpartisan insights to government policymaking. We provide tangible, measurable, and innovative ideas to inform public policy that is effective and equitable.

Evidence-Based Policymaking Resource Center

Social Science Research Institute, Pennsylvania State University

This center contains resources regarding the five components of evidence-based policymaking, including briefs exploring their key elements, fact sheets highlighting best practices to approaching each one, and analyses of states and counties implementing them in their jurisdictions.

The Management Library: Performance Management

Paradise Media, LLC

Information in this topic describes the foundational performance management process that underlies Employee Performance Management, Team Performance Management and Organizational Performance Management. 

Stacey Barr’s “Measure Up” Blog

Barr is an Australian consultant with an extensive website offering free, useful performance-related insights relevant to public managers, and links to several books she’s written on the topic.