Accountability and Performance Update – July 11 – 17, 2022

Performance Measurements Can Help Programs. It Can Also Hurt Them

IBM Center for The Business of Government (Barrett & Greene)         

In the decades that we’ve researched state and local government management, we’ve often written about the critical ways in which performance measurement can improve the delivery of services and the accomplishment of program goals. But . . . .

Rethinking Monitoring and Evaluation in Complex Systems

UNDP Strategic Innovation Unit

We have learned that using systems and portfolio approaches requires very different ways of doing monitoring, evaluation, and results measurement. Four issues are worth noting.

22 Mayors from North and South America Join City Data Alliance

Bloomberg Cities Network

Mayors around the world marshaled data in new ways to spot outbreaks, target testing and vaccination campaigns, address inequalities, monitor hospital capacity, advocate for resources, tailor masking and lockdown policies, and communicate with the public. There’s little doubt that the dynamic capabilities mayors and their teams built to analyze and act on key metrics in real-time saved lives. Now, some of the cities around the world using data most effectively to serve their residents are ready to see how they can scale their efforts.

Building Trust to Reinforce Democracy: Key Findings from 2021 Survey

OECD Reinforcing Democracy Initiative

This report presents the main findings of the first OECD cross-national survey of trust in government and public institutions, representing over 50,000 responses across 22 OECD countries.

Resource of the Week:  Honor Roll of State Grant Programs That Define and Prioritize Evidence of Effectiveness

Results for America

This honor roll recognizes state grant programs in select issue areas — such as education, health, and public safety – that clearly define evidence of effectiveness when they invite applications from potential grantees and prioritize such evidence when selecting service providers.

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Accountability and Performance Update – July 4 – 10, 2022

The Committee Watching Over Pandemic Funds Spending


The Pandemic Response Accountability Committee, or PRAC, is behind what is arguably the nation’s largest data analytics project and has worked directly with state and local governments since the early months of the pandemic. The committee is evaluating spending from more than 400 programs across more than 40 agencies and establishing several valuable databases for practitioners and other transparency stakeholders. Last week, the PRAC launched a new dashboard tracking spending from the $350 billion Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund.

OMB Highlights Progress on President’s Management Agenda

Federal News Network

The Office of Management and Budget, in an update to on Friday, outlined targets agencies met in the third quarter of fiscal 2022 to empower the federal workforce and deliver a higher standard of customer service to the public.

San Francisco Data Spreads, Becomes a Model

Government Technology

Joy Bonaguro launched the San Francisco Data Academy during her time with the city. Now as California’s chief data officer, she’s expanding and improving the model to support agency-level analytics.


Steve Ballmer Is Building a “Moneyball” for Government

New York Times

In 2014, Ballmer created an early version of USAFacts, a website that set out to answer his own questions about the way American government works — and doesn’t work. . . . Eight years on, USAFacts is a nonprofit group that now produces an annual report on the state of the country,

Federal Funds Helping Cities Build Long-Term Data Capacity


As well as supporting individual projects related to public safety, affordable housing, education and economic development, historic federal funds are also helping cities and states to build their capacity in using data to improve performance and transparency.

Resource of the Week:  Local Government ARPA Investment Tracker

National League of Cities, Brookings Metro & National Association of Counties

The Local Government American Rescue Plan Act Investment Tracker is an online resource that compiles information from local governments to offer a detailed picture of how large cities and counties (with populations of at least 250,000) are deploying ARPA State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund dollars. 

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Accountability and Performance Update – June 27- July 3, 2022

Collaborative Networks: The Next Frontier in Data-Driven Management

 IBM Center for The Business of Government (Julia Carboni, et al)

This report introduces the concept of network referral technology and shows how this technology can enable service providers to develop workflows within networks, improving organizational performance and client outcomes. . . . 

The insights in this report are supported by a case study of 11 AmericaServes networks. AmericaServes is a coordinated system of public, private, and nonprofit organizations that work together to serve veterans and transitioning service members and their families.

State Department Releases Its First Learning Agenda

U.S. Department of State

The Department plans to answer these eight ambitious questions between 2022 and 2026, including: “How can the Department utilize performance management and evaluation data and data systems to improve decision-making?”

Build Better Management Systems to Put Your Data to Work

Harvard Business Review

Practically everyone’s job involves using, interpreting, and creating data. Yet somehow this seems to get lost at all levels of organizations — the structure, the culture, the people. . . . and because data tend to be hidden, in customer orders, logistics, and management reports, the power of the status quo prevails.

Commonwealth Leaders Endorse Government Performance Principles

Commonwealth Secretariat

More than 200 top civil servants from across the Commonwealth wrapped up their biennial meeting in June by adopting an outcome document that underscores the importance of implementing the Generally Accepted Performance Principles to enhance government performance.

Namibia to Adopt Commonwealth’s Performance Improvement Software

Commonwealth Secretariat

Over 100 Political Office Bearers from Namibia, including cabinet ministers, briefed on Government Performance Management ahead of the country implementing the Commonwealth’s state-of-the-art SMART software

Designing and Testing a Nudge vs. a Boost

Behavioral Scientist

Changing behavior is challenging, so behavioral scientists and designers better have a large toolkit. Nudges—subtle changes to the choice environment that don’t remove options or offer a financial incentive—are perhaps the most widely used tool. But they’re not the only tool. There are also Boosts, which empower individuals to better exert their own choices.

Resource of the Week:  World Bank’s Global Governance Practice

The Governance Global Practice supports client countries to build capable, efficient, open, inclusive, and accountable institutions. . . . Countries with strong institutions are more resilient, are better able to facilitate private sector growth, reduce poverty, deliver valuable services, and earn the confidence of citizens.

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Accountability and Performance Update – June 20- 26, 2022

Quarterly Updates on Federal Agency Priority Goals

Office of Management and Budget

OMB posted quarterly updates to Agency Priority Goals on the website. Go to the website’s pull-down tab labeled “Agencies” to check status and progress of more than 80 agency-specific 2-year priority goals. Look for progress updates labeled “June 2022” to see status of agency action plans for FY2022, second quarter (January 1 – March 30 – there’s generally a three month-lag in posting publicly).

State Department “Data for Diplomacy” Awards

Federal News Network

From the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to personnel overseas, to tracking the air quality at U.S. embassies and consulates, the State Department is looking to make data-driven decisions in all aspects of its mission. . . . To prioritize that focus under its recent Enterprise Data Strategy, the department last month recognized five winners of its first annual Data for Diplomacy Awards.

Agencies Need Customer Experience Scorecards to Track Progress

Federal News Network

The Biden administration is calling on agencies to improve customer experience across government, but former government officials say a federal chief customer officer and scorecard are needed to track and encourage progress.

Data Literacy for Government Impact

Federal News Network

across a federal agency, a data-literate workforce has the power to transform mission-critical objectives and empower data-driven decision making, which ultimately helps modernize and improve government services. . . .  agency leaders should proceed with deliberate speed and intention across four key areas.

Resource of the Week:  What Works Cities

Launched by Bloomberg Philanthropies in April 2015, What Works Cities is one of the largest-ever philanthropic efforts to enhance cities’ use of data and evidence. What Works Cities helps local government improve residents’ lives by using data and evidence effectively to tackle pressing challenges.

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Accountability and Performance Update – June 13- 19, 2022

An Impossible Performance Standard

RouteFifty (Barrett & Greene)

Critics say a longstanding performance metric for work participation that is part of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program is faulty and should be reformed.

Research Symposium: Assessing Capacity for Using Data to Build Actionable Evidence (June 22-23)

Data Foundation/George Washington University

This virtual research symposium features speakers from OMB, RAND, the Census Bureau, and the Department of Homeland Security. The symposium will spotlight strategies that increase the use of data and evidence for decision-making and a better-informed society. Free registration.

Resource of the Week:  USA

“Our nation, in numbers:” One-stop website with nonpartisan facts drawn from multiple sources providing data, indicators, and visualizations of US economic, financial, environmental, and social conditions. A philanthropic endeavor supported by former MicroSoft CEO, Steve Ballmer.

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