Accountability and Performance Weekly (Oct. 13-19)

Performance Management

Program performance measures aren’t living up to their potential, scholars say
Kedar Pavgi, Government Executive
A new study looked at performance management reforms of 1993 and 2002 to help shape expectations and gain insight for the implementation of the GPRA Modernization Act. The study found that past reforms did not affect federal managers’ administrative decisions or their allocation of money, although the changes did result in managers refining program goals.
The Opening Door to Government Transformation
John Bernard, Better, Faster, Cheaper
How five things can set in motion real government transformation.
Performance pilot launching at Veterans Affairs
Amanda Palleschi, Government Executive
The Veterans Affairs Department’s National Cemetery Administration is joining a growing list of agencies signing on to a pilot program that aims to change performance appraisal procedures.
Government Reform: Insights for the Future of the Movement (Part 6)
John Kamensky, Business of Government
Several developing countries seem to be on the cutting edge of the global performance movement, offering both encouraging and cautionary insights for the movement.


Building an Analytics Culture
John Kamensky, Business of Government
A new report by the Partnership for Public Service and the IBM Center details how using analytics to make better decisions is taking root in agencies across the government.  
Making data-based decisions part of agency culture
Charles Clark, Government Executive
Federal leaders at all levels must continually push the use of data analytics to improve agency decision making and build them into organizational culture.


Financing Efficiency in the Delivery of Social Services
Stephen Goldsmith, Better, Faster, Cheaper
Traditional approaches reward activities, not results. Some innovative new approaches aim to turn that around through Social Impact Bonds.


What is Innovation in Government?
Bryan Klopack, Excellence in Government
Where does public sector innovation come from? What does it look like? Is it a way of thinking reserved exclusively for the SES and political appointees—or does it come from the ground up? Many emerging practices show it comes from both – and everyone in between.
Smart government IT can be a catalyst for change
Vance Hitch, Federal Computer Week
The current budget crisis could be an opportunity for federal CIOs to help their agencies build a smarter, more efficient and more cost-effective government.
Where are the bold ideas for remaking government?
Alan Balutis, Federal Computer Week
In an era of formidable challenges, America needs formidable, and novel, approaches to address them.
DARPA seeks the next great challenges
Amber Corrin, Federal Computer Week
In a new request for information, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency is asking for input to identify the Grand Challenges of the 21st Century — part of a broader national innovation strategy under the Obama administration.

Open Government/Transparency

Can tech really help you engage? Insights from the Knight Foundation
Emily Jarvis, GovLoop
Two years ago the Knight Foundation launched their Tech for Engagement Initiative to find out if technology can accelerate the capacity of citizens to engage in their civic life in an easier and more effective way.
Making Citizens Part of Government
Robert O’Neill, Management Insights
Local governments are leading the way in engaging the public in decision-making. More and more, technology is the key.
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