Accountability and Performance Weekly

Performance Management
A roundtable discussion with five experts in government management, including Chris Mihm, on management challenges in the federal government, the administration’s management agenda, and what managers can do to manage and inspire better public service.
John Kamensky, Business of Government
The federal government is not the sole player in the growing movement toward the use of evidence and evaluation in the policy decision-making process.
Sean Reilly, Federal Times
From weather predictions to chasing fraudsters, agencies and their partners are placing far more focus on collecting and crunching massive volumes of data to improve operations and performance.
Jason Miller, Federal News Radio
The Office of Personnel Management and the American Federation of Government Employees are teaming up to change the state of governmentwide mentoring and knowledge sharing. OPM and AFGE are speeding up progress on a year-long initiative to create a governmentwide mentoring hub.
Jeffrey Edgell, Federal Computer Week
Best practices to help the government overcome obstacles to sharing information.

Emily Jarvis, GovLoop
Philadelphia has hired its first ever Director of Civic Technology. San Francisco, Boston and New York already have them. But what exactly do they do? And what about cities that can’t afford to have their own Civic Innovation Officers or Innovation hubs?
DARPA takes potentially overwhelming and dazzling concepts but envisions them as concrete projects with palpable milestones. It also selects and scopes projects with a series of seven questions.
Open Government
Cogan Schneier, Federal News Radio
The new design for, the website that offers a public portal into government data, should make it easier to access and use government data.
Gadi Ben-Yehuda, Government Executive
The benefits of opening data stores to consumers.
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