Accountability and Performance Weekly – February 22-March 7

Performance Management
Obama Budget Offers a Refreshed Management Agenda
Charles Clark, Government Executive
The Obama administration’s long-awaited refreshment of its govermentwide management agenda emerged in the fiscal 2015 budget released on Tuesday, with the legally required presentation of agency priority goals to come the following week.

Budget proposal fleshes out OMB’s management agenda
Jason Miller, Federal News Radio
More than six months after President Barack Obama announced his second-term management agenda, the Office of Management and Budget is putting some specifics behind it.

Is Your Agency Set Up to Drive Performance?
John Baranzelli, Government Executive
The right culture is key to cutting red tape and improving efficiency.

Money for Moneyball Government
John Kamensky, Business of Government
President Obama’s fiscal year 2015 budget proposals actually invest in programs that demonstrate effectiveness, and he invests in generating new knowledge about what works through more evidence and evaluation.

OMB pushes agencies to open up more data to improve programs
Jason Miller, Federal News Radio
In its fourth memo in four years, the Obama administration is pushing agencies to stretch their limits around making data more accessible.

Using Administrative Data for Statistical Purposes
John Kamensky, Business of Government
OMB has issued guidance encouraging agencies to use existing program administrative data in new ways.

What CIOs say about big data
Federal Computer Week
Ten insights from IT leaders on the front lines of big-data deployments.

Busting the Barriers to Interagency Collaboration
John Kamensky, Government Executive
A new GAO report details how a handful of cross-agency groups transcended cultural differences to share skills and resources.

Open Government
OSTP asks agencies for ‘bold, ambitious’ open government initiatives
Jason Miller, Federal News Radio
Chief Technology Officer Todd Park released a memo to agency leaders Feb. 24 detailing a series of new steps and updates to existing initiatives, including describing “bold, ambitious new open government initiatives for the coming two years.”

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