Accountability and Performance Weekly – April 26-May 16

Performance Management
Yes, Obama’s Management Agenda Is Different From George W. Bush’s
Charles Clark, Government Executive
Current goal is to drive results by focusing on strategic objectives, not narrower programs, OMB performance officer says.

The Federal Government Doesn’t Need Any More Big Ideas
Eric Katz, Government Executive
Federal managers should move away from promoting performance reforms as cost-saving initiatives and instead focus on indicators that can draw the excitement of Congress and the White House.

Four Actions to Better Integrate Performance into Budgeting
John Kamensky, Business of Government
Reformers have promoted the notion of performance budgeting since it was introduced by the 1949 Hoover Commission. Major initiatives have been attempted and incremental progress has been achieved. But not enough has happened.

Trending Everyday: Business Process Reengineering
This article summarizes the framework provided by GAO for making a decision to pursue reengineering efforts.

OPM Innovation Lab Can’t Say If It’s Actually Helpful, GAO Finds
An innovation lab at the Office of Personnel Management isn’t taking enough steps to ensure its innovative work is having a real impact on agency culture and performance.

OPM and Innovation Challenges
GAO’s report notes that innovation is critical as the world changes quickly and agencies work to accomplish their missions
Innovation, More than a Buzzword? An Idea Revolution?
Philadelphia is embracing more than just the term innovation; they’ve just graduated the first class from the Municipal Innovation Academy.

Open Government
The DATA Act Passes: 3 Takeaways and Interactive Timeline
Jason Shueh, Government Technology
President Obama signs bill to turn all federal expenditures into open data. Implementation will be phased into a year-by-year approach.

The DATA Act and Transparency: 4 Ways that Industry Will Benefit
Dan Chenok, Business of Government
Greater focus on transparency of public sector spending data will help improve the functioning of government in multiple ways. Industry can benefit by helping government to implement this important management statute well.

Implementing the DATA Act: Encouraging Signs
John Kamensky, Business of Government
President Obama has said he will sign new legislation that will have far-reaching effects on federal agencies and hundreds of thousands of recipient of federal funds – grantees, contractors, universities, non-profits, states, and localities.

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