Accountability and Performance Weekly – May 24-30

Performance Management
VA waiting lists and performance measurement
Steve Kelman, Federal Computer Week
Kelman argues that allegations about secret wait lists at the VA are a sign of performance management’s power, not its problems.

What’s so scary about performance ratings?
Steve Kelman, Federal Computer Week
Of course metrics can reflect factors outside your control. But that, Kelman argues, is why there is multiple regression.

OMB: Agencies need to break down walls and unlock big data
Andy Medici, Federal Times
Agencies need to knock down institutional barriers and work with other agencies in order to unlock the potential of big data.

Program management: Governance matters
Richard Spires, Federal Computer Week
Getting stakeholders to agree on desired outcomes and ways to achieve them is crucial to ensuring the success of IT programs.

Managing Business Process Reengineering
This article summarizes the framework provided by GAO for managing reengineering efforts once the agency has determined that reengineering efforts are appropriate in one or more areas.

Building the systems for innovation
Federal Computer Week
Federal agencies can’t operate like Silicon Valley startups, but even the largest organization can manage for great innovation.

Remembering the human element in innovation
Colby Hochmuth, Federal Computer Week
Tighter budgets could be a catalyst for rethinking how government operates, says OMB’s Kathryn Stack.

How a Small Group of Entrepreneurs Transformed Government Services
Aneesh Chopra, Government Executive
More than 50 other entrepreneurs filled senior Administration roles, applying technology and innovation to advance agency missions.

Open Government
Treasury official calls for quick Data Act demos
Adam Mazmanian, Federal Computer Week
As Treasury moves to implement the Data Act, potential costs and agency buy-in remain concerns.

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