Accountability and Performance Weekly – June 14-27

Performance Management
Agencies Release Action Plans for Implementing New Performance Goals
Beth Cobert, OMB Blog
The Administration has released detailed action plans for the fifteen CAP goals – eight of which make up the core of the President’s Management Agenda.

How Government’s Using Behavioral Economics to Get People to Make Better Decisions
J.B. Wogan, Governing
Federally funded projects in several states and localities are testing ways to use convenience and peer pressure to get prison inmates and people who owe child support to make better decisions.

Innovation Is a Team Sport
John Kamensky, Business of Government
What is the secret sauce for creating an innovation culture in an agency?

How agencies can accelerate innovation
Jerry Harrison, Federal Computer Week
GSA’s 18F and similar programs promise to jump-start innovation efforts at agencies, and here are five ways to ensure their success.

What 18F aims to accomplish
Lena Trudeau, Federal Computer Week
Rather than skirting the federal procurement system, GSA’s 18F is designed to address challenges head on.

Performance Budgeting
Improving Your Budgets Through Performance Information
An interview with Dr. John Whitley about his report “Four Actions to Integrate Performance Information with Budget Formulation.”

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