Accountability and Performance Weekly – August 2-8

Performance Management
Doing What Works: Governing in the Age of Big Data
Martin O’Malley, Public Administration Review
Big Data is forever changing the way we manage, market, and move information. In Maryland, it is also changing the way the state is governed.

Accumulated Wisdom
John Kamensky, Business of Government
The Urban Institute’s Harry Hatry is one of the pioneers of the late 20th century performance measurement movement. He has just released a new guide on transforming performance measurement that sums his best practical advice in one place.

Washington State Agencies Report to Legislature on 2014 Efficiency Improvements
Hans Stropo, Plan Washington
In the first five months of this year Washington State government agencies completed more than 100 efficiency-improving initiatives to tighten operations and improve return on investment for taxpayers.

Government Problems and the Power of Prizes
Bill Eggers and Anesa Parker, Governing
There’s a reason the public sector is increasingly turning to competitions for innovative solutions. They work.

When Innovation Isn’t Glamorous
Ron Littlefield, Governing
We need to make the case for the glitzless but still innovative initiatives.

‘Pay for Success’: a Better Way to Deliver Social Services?
Charles Chieppo, Governing
The idea of shifting the risk of failed initiatives from taxpayers to investors is catching on.

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