Accountability and Performance Weekly – October 4-10

Performance Management
Why Isn’t Performance Information Being Used?
John Kamensky, Business of Government
Champions of performance management in government are confounded. After decades of trying to integrate the use of performance information into agency decision-making, it still isn’t happening on as broad a scale as once hoped.

Could Obama’s Push for Evidence-Based Program Evaluations Cross Party Lines?
Charles Clark, Government Executive
The Obama administration is reporting progress on its ongoing effort to prod agencies to increase their use of data analytics in making “evidence-based” evaluations of programs—even to the point of attracting interest from Republicans in the highly polarized Congress.

Lisa Danzig, OMB: Conversations on Using Analytics to Improve Mission Outcomes
Brian Murrow, Business of Government
Lisa Danzig, associate director for performance and personnel at the Office of Management and Budget, shares some insightful stories on leveraging big data and analytics to improve performance across multiple agencies.

4 Key Challenges Facing Local Government Innovators
Nigel Jacob, Governing
Tensions that make it difficult to make innovation a regular practice.

Open Government
The Secret to Making Tough Fiscal Choices: Open Government
Chuck Reed, Governing
When governments make it easy for citizens to know the facts and engage them in the conversation about what needs to be done, reforms can happen.

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