Accountability and Performance Weekly – November 22-December 5, 2014

Performance Management
Can Presidents Be Managers?
Paul Posner and Beryl Radin, Government Executive
Presidents who bask in the policy limelight are surprised and puzzled when their support erodes.

Writing the Book on Moneyball Government
Charles Clark, Government Executive
Assembled by a pro-data nonprofit called Results for America, a new book profiles organizations that have successfully embraced evidence-based decision making.

Next Steps in Moneyball Government
John Kamensky, Business of Government
Two recent reports, a new book, and a newly introduced bill in Congress all contribute to a steady momentum toward evidence-based decision making.

Five ways to bridge evidence-based policy & innovation: A video overview
AndyFeldman, Gov Innovator Blog
New efforts in the U.S. federal government have helped to bridge the divide between evidence-based policy and public sector innovation.

6 Key Elements of Successful Cross-Agency Collaboration
Alan Pentz, Government Executive
Working across agency lines can be frustrating without a strategy.

Sivak: It’s about ‘changing the way we do things’
Mark Rockwell, Federal Computer Week
In the Entrepreneurs-in-Residence program, HHS matches project teams with outside tech experts to work for a year on innovative projects.

Open Government
Taking ownership of the Data Act
Colby Hochmuth, Federal Computer Week
GAO and Treasury representatives told lawmakers that implementation of the Data Act is about to enter a crucial phase.

Make open data actually work
Christine Carmichael, Federal Computer Week
The public’s demand for transparency means agencies must share data in ways that the average person can understand. Here’s how.

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