Accountability and Performance Weekly – April 11-17

Performance Management
The Low-Down on Agency-Run Strategic Reviews
John Kamensky, Business of Government
The Director of OMB, Shaun Donovan, put agencies on notice last week that the Administration is doubling down on the implementation of its priorities and tracking progress more closely.
Creating a Performance and Results Culture
John Kamensky, Business of Government
How do you create a performance-and-results culture in your agency?

Five Myths and Five Ways to Create an Analytics Culture
Josh Helms, Business of Government
An organization’s culture is often the biggest impediment to embracing analytics and adopting a big data strategy. This piece poses 5 myths that inhibit culture change and the adoption of a big data strategy, and suggests 5 ways to create a culture that embraces analytics and is open to a big data strategy.

NASA Turns to Hackers for Innovations in Space
Jason Shueh, Government Technology
NASA’s annual International Space Apps Challenge gave civic hackers and citizens 48 hours to craft solutions for space exploration and the world’s most vexing social issues.

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