Accountability and Performance Weekly – October 17-23

How to enable coordination and integration among agencies
Dan Chenok and Alan Howze, Federal Times
How can the next administration overcome the obstacles that make it difficult to achieve enterprise government?

Innovation redux: How GSA helps the government change
Steve Kelman, Federal Computer Week
To bring about change a critical element is the presence of governmentwide entities with the capacity to facilitate change, by acting as cheerleaders for innovation and providing technical assistance to agencies.
The Rise of Agency Innovation Labs
Hallie Golden, Nextgov
The White House wants more federal agencies to tap into creative ideas from their employees’ heads by launching innovation labs.
Civic Graph Charts the New World of Civic Tech
Jason Shueh, Government Technology
Microsoft’s innovation teams launch a map of crowdsourced insights for civic tech leadership and organizations.

Open Government
How the Data Act reveals what agencies don’t know
Zach Noble, Federal Computer Week
Can centralized, standardized looks at agencywide data uncover challenges and opportunities that have always been lurking?
Making DATA Act Real Means Working Nights and Weekends
Charles Clark, Government Executive
Financial management leaders remain hopeful on standardizing data to measure program performance.
GSA Hackathon 2: twice as big and open to govvies
Zach Noble, Federal Computer Week
In a sequel to its spring hackathon, GSA awarded thousands in prizes to outside techies, and looked to bring some participants on board full time.

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