Accountability and Performance Weekly – May 21-27

Performance Management
OMB Gets High Marks for Pursuing Cross Agency Priority Goals
Charles Clark, Government Executive
GAO suggests a bit more transparency would help interagency cooperation.
The Path to Better Performance Reporting
Shelley Metzenbaum, Route Fifty
What are the lessons learned and what are we still learning about performance and evidence-based management in government?
More Executives Aren’t Going to Solve Government’s Performance Problem
Howard Risher, Government Executive
A proposed law aims to bolster program management but agencies already have the necessary tools—they just need the commitment.

Want a $10,000 Bonus? Start Looking for Ways to Cut Waste in Your Department
Kellie Lunney, Government Executive
Bipartisan bill that would reward feds who save the government money advances in the Senate.

Presidential Transition
White House Transition Survivors Regret Neglecting Congress
Charles Clark, Government Executive
The candidates’ teams must begin now to prepare for the next crisis.

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