Accountability and Performance Weekly – October 22-28

Performance Management
A bipartisan proposal for performance management in the next administration
Steve Kelman, Federal Computer Week
Without performance measurement, “government and its partners [carry] out activities they hope will work without knowing whether they, in fact, do. Moreover, it lacks the means to inform and encourage continual improvement once effective practices are identified.”

Evidence-Based Policy Proponents Face Cost, Privacy, Political Hurdles
Patrick Lester, Government Executive
Bipartisan commission explores how to make federal data more widely available to program evaluators.

Accelerating “What Works”
Michele Jolin, Stanford Social Innovation Review
There is an urgent need to expand the infrastructure for results-based policymaking at all levels of the US government.

Analysis paralysis in government?
Steve Kelman, Federal Computer Week
Finding a balance between studying a problem to death and taking swift action can be tricky, but there are signs that federal managers are trying to address the challenge.

Commerce taps big-data development partners
Mark Rockwell, Federal Computer Week
The Commerce Department’s National Technical Information Service has chosen 35 companies and academic organizations to capitalize on the federal government’s vast data assets.

Data policy for a new administration
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
Experts have some advice for the next administration on tackling open-data initiatives early in its term to improve government operations and service.

Customer Service
What Will Customer Service Look Like in a Clinton or Trump Administration?
Rick Johnson, Government Executive
The key is knowing what drives satisfaction.

Government needs digital transformation to reverse sliding satisfaction
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
Agencies must embrace a digital transformation to reverse declining public satisfaction with government service, save money and build for the future, according to a new report.

GAO to Congress: Federal Agencies Are Making a Difference Through Open Innovation
Eric Beidel,
Federal agencies confront tough problems every day. In searching for solutions, agencies will want to attract different perspectives, test new products, build capacity and communities, and increase public awareness. How do they do it?

The Future of Government Digital Services – Part II
Darcie Piechowski, Business of Government
It is impossible to have a meaningful digital experience without design.

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