Accountability and Performance Weekly – July 29-August 4

100+ Government  Mechanisms to  Advance the Use of  Data and Evidence  in Policymaking: A Landscape Review
Results for America
This report surveys strategies and mechanisms that governments across the world are using to advance and institutionalize the use of data and evidence in policymaking.

Legislation Makes Data-Driven Decision-Making Part of Indiana’s Cultural Governance Fabric
Eyragon Eidam, Government Technology
New legislation is doing more than outlining the guidelines for state agency data sharing; it’s also strengthening the culture that comes with it.

4 Ways Implementation Support Centers Assist in the Delivery of Evidence-Based Programs
Sarah Dube, Pew Charitable Trusts
A new report from the Pew Charitable Trusts details how some states have created “implementation support centers” to help non-profit service providers and local government with implementing new programs.

What Does the Public Think About Cross-sector Collaboration?
Neil Britto, Stanford Social Innovation Review
Insights gleaned from focus groups exploring the public’s views of cross-sector collaboration can help practitioners better communicate their work.

An update on the use of impact bonds around the would: An interview with Emily Gustaffson-Write, Fellow, Center for Universal Education, The Brookings Institution
Andy Feldman, GovInnovator Podcast
Social Impact Bonds or Pay for Success projects draw on private sources of capital to fund preventive services, with governments acting as the outcome funders, paying back the money with a profit if specific targets are met.

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