Accountability and Performance Weekly – August 26-September 8

Commission on Evidence-Based Policy Calls for Interagency Coordination
Charles Clark, Government Executive
Report recommends a National Secure Data Service that would help with specific projects without compromising privacy.

How Congress can get better data and also increase privacy
Chase Gunter, Federal Computer Week
A bipartisan panel of government management experts is pushing for the creation of a federal data service for collecting and distributing information to aid evidence-based policymaking.

Smarter regulation through data science
Edward Seiler, Federal Computer Week
How analytics offers a low-cost alternative to regulation when it comes to monitoring risks to the financial system.

Intragovernmental Collaborations: Pipedreams or the Future of the Public Sector?
Sarah Worthing, Stanford Social Innovation Review
How policy labs can foster greater collaboration and policy co-creation.

Making Government’s Massive Programs Work: Now It’s the Law
Roger Kodat, Business of Government
Over the past few decades, the private sector has recognized program management as a key factor in enhancing organizational performance with respect to complex and challenging change initiatives.

When Are Managers Willing to Take Risks?
John Kamensky, Business of Government
Do federal managers systematically avoid taking risks, or do they regularly try new things, undertake organizational changes, and innovate?

The Formula for Operational Excellence in Government
Stephen Goldsmith and Jane Wiseman, Governing
Successful efficiency efforts have several important things in common, as three case studies illustrate.

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