Accountability and Performance Weekly – April 27-May 3

Lawmakers Voice Bipartisan Concern Over ‘Chaos’ at Homeland Security
Eric Katz, Government Executive
Top watchdogs also say turnover is hurting the department.

White House launches new shared services initiative
Jessie Bur, Federal Times
The Trump administration wants federal agencies to share more systems and services, rather than developing or purchasing their own, and has announced it will be launching a new strategy to encourage that transition.

What Agencies Get From Taking Leadership Roles In New Shared Services Regime
Aaron Boyd, Nextgov
The administration is asking select departments to take the lead on governmentwide services. But don’t think it’s charity on the part of the agencies.

Centers for Civic Impact Launches at Johns Hopkins University
Zack Quaintance, Government Technology
The new organization essentially consolidates the Center for Government Excellence (GovEx), the Center for Applied Public Research and the new GovEx Academy under one umbrella.

Collaborative Problem Solvers Are Made Not Born – Here’s What You Need To Know
Stephen Fiore, Government Executive
From the biggest ‘wicked’ problems on down, finding solutions to challenges depends on working together collaboratively.

Race is on to create GEAR Center for federal applied research
Amelia Brust, Federal News Network
GSA and OMB announced a new competition to create a Government Effectiveness Advanced Research (GEAR) Center, which would be a public-private partnership to bring together experts from agencies, academia and industry.

Government Offering Prizes for Best Ideas to Stand Up GEAR Center
Frank Konkel, Nextgov is offering up to $300,000 to teams or individuals who submit the best proposals.

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