Accountability and Performance Weekly – July 13-26

OMB Moving Ahead to Steer Agencies on Evidence-Based Policymaking
Charles Clark, Government Executive
Acting budget chief’s memo sets up three-year timeline, interagency council.

The new way data will be managed in federal agencies
Andrew Eversden, Federal Times
New Office of Management and Budget guidance directs a new data management structure within agencies.

Small Agencies Need Shared Services Providers to Step Up DATA Act Support
Aaron Boyd, Nextgov
Large departments are assisting smaller agencies in meeting their DATA Act requirements through shared services providers. But that help isn’t always so helpful.

OMB: How Can We Enhance Federal Data to Boost AI Research?
Brandi Vincent, Nextgov
Artificial intelligence runs best on strong datasets and the White House wants the public to weigh in to improve both.

Why Government Needs to Invest in Workforce Metrics
Howard Risher, Government Executive
Agencies can’t fix problems they haven’t first clearly identified. Better data is essential.

Agencies seek betters ways to track past performance
Mark Rockwell, Federal Computer Week
Federal officials want new methods to get feedback on their vendors into the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System.

Agencies encouraged to adopt ‘rigorous’ employee evaluations
Jessie Bur, Federal Times
OPM has encouraged agencies to create defined metrics for determining whether an employee fulfills, fails or meets the expectations for their positions.

Rebuilding Government’s Human Capital Should be a Priority
Howard Risher, Government Executive
Too often, the argument for reform is vague or the benefits unclear; on balance employees expect to lose.

High-Level Vacancies Are Weakening Agency Management and Oversight, Lawmaker Says
Courtney Buble, Government Executive
Rep. Gerry Connolly’s comments marked the release of a bipartisan report recommending ways agencies can deliver better on their missions.

Lawmakers Introduce Legislation to Improve Federal-State-Local Coordination
Courtney Buble, Government Executive
Bipartisan bill would create an updated version of a former intergovernmental commission.

Government Trends 2020
Deloitte Center for Government Insights
Major technological advances have prompted innovation in the private sector—how is government similarly adapting to this change? Nine trends illustrate the most sweeping transformation in governments worldwide.

Shifting culture is the best way to reignite public-sector innovation
Jim Whitehurst, Federal Computer Week
Agencies that embrace transparency, collaboration and meritocracy as foundational values will have more success adapting to a fast-moving and increasingly ambiguous future.

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