Accountability and Performance Weekly – January 18-31

Evidence and Evaluation
The Evidence-Based Policy Revolution Waiting to Happen
Andy Feldman and Rebecca Maynard, Government Executive
Government decision makers need to know more than whether a program works. They also need to know whether it’s cost-effective.

How data drives IT delivery at State
Mark Rockwell, FCW
The State Department is almost a year into a program that uses data analysis to set IT capabilities at its posts worldwide, according to its CIO.

Will 2020 Be the Year of Data?
Juliana Vida, Nextgov
Agencies across the federal government are beginning to recognize the importance of data and data-driven decision-making.

New Federal Data Strategy draws from evidence-based policymaking act
Tom Temin, Federal News Network
The administration recently came out with an updated Federal Data Strategy that included some recommendations from the Data Coalition, whose president, Nick Hart, joined Federal Drive to discuss more.

How the evolution of big data analytics improves agency mission outcomes
FedScoop Radio
Harnessing data in motion expands the public sector’s ability to make more intelligent decisions and deliver services more effectively, say data experts.

The Individuals Behind Government’s Success Stories
John Kamensky and Dan Chenok, Government Executive
The recent history of government reforms provides important lessons for leaders.

Does strategic planning help organizations?
Steve Kelman, FCW
The author notes growing support for strategic planning efforts — and the steps agencies take to keep those plans relevant.

DHS tests AI for making sense of contractor past-performance data
Dave Nyczepir, FedScoop
DHS has a project that will allow agencies to use AI for analyzing and visualizing underutilized data on contractor performance.

Customer Service
Reimagining Citizen Services in the Government in 2025
Martha Dorris, Nextgov
As citizens change, so will their expectations.

Automation yielding dividends, officials say
Lia Russell, FCW
To support growing demand for automation technologies, ACT-IAC released an AI playbook for government agencies.

Open Innovation
White House Budget Office Wants to Know How You Would Make Contracting More Efficient
Courtney Buble, Government Executive
The federal government is looking to reduce cost and time of procurements, like the private sector.

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