Accountability and Performance Weekly – March 14-27

Government Transparency Is More Critical Now Than Ever, Experts Say
Courtney Buble, Government Executive
“If there was ever a time for citizen oversight and media oversight and, obviously, insider oversight … it’s now,” says one former USAID official.

Rigas to take on DDM role
Adam Mazmanian, FCW
Michael Rigas, the acting director of the OPM, is taking on a second government role as acting deputy director for management at OMB.

OPM Director Abruptly QuitsKatherine McIntire Peters, Government Executive
The government’s top HR manager Dale Cabaniss was reportedly frustrated by White House interference.

Open Data & Data Governance
Using data in the fight against coronavirus
Tom Temin, Federal Drive, Federal News Network
Researchers at Georgetown University have been gathering open source information on the coronavirus and the illness it causes. They’ve created a public repository, known as CORD-19, that even the White House and federal agencies are using to better understand what’s going on.

Predictive Analytics: What Is It and How Can It Help the Federal Government?
Phil Goldstein, FedTech Magazine
Powerful data analytics tools can help agencies save money and make more informed decisions.

Better data could be the missing link in cyber policy
Andrew Eversden, Federal Times/Fifth Domain
The government needs to collect and store better data to develop a more effective cyber strategy and strengthen defenses, Cyberspace Solarium Commission said.

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