Accountability and Performance Update – April 18-25, 2021

Agencies Gain Momentum Appointing Evidence Act Leadership


The Evaluation Officer Council meets monthly and works regularly with the Federal CDO Council and Performance Improvement Council. 

New Treasury Office Will Oversee COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Programs

Government Executive

 Up until now, different offices within Treasury led the various coronavirus relief initiatives that the department is responsible for.

Reinventing the Grant System to be More Outcome-Focused

IBM Center for The Business of Government

Is it time to reinvent the roles of the many players in the grants management system and designate an “outcomes broker?”

Bill to Strengthen IG Independence

Federal News Network

The leadership of the House Oversight and Reform Committee . . . are calling for a new kind of investment in IG offices — greater independence from presidential firings, the authority to subpoena former federal employees and contractors, and more urgency within the White House to name permanent watchdogs to positions left vacant for years.

“A Troubling Trend:” Independent State Program Evaluation Under Attack

Route Fifty

Without a vote, the legislative leadership in North Carolina closed the state’s program evaluation division

Bringing Rigorous Testing to Health Care Policy

New York Times

Randomized, evidence-based trials, long required for new drugs, are now underway for government policy initiatives

Bipartisan Bill Seeks Broader Input, More Specifics as Agencies Craft Performance Goals

 Government Executive

A bipartisan pair of lawmakers is pushing to improve the performance plans federal agencies issue each year, introducing legislation that would require input from more leadership officials. 

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