Accountability and Performance Update – June 21 – 27, 2021

New CAP Board Members Announced

Welcome to two new members appointed by ASPA President Allan Rosenbaum to the CAP Board – Monica Croskey Chaparro and Elaine Yi Lu. They join reappointed Board Chair Richard Greene and reappointed board member Patria de Lancer Julnes.

Why Evidence Should Be a Priority in Pandemic Recovery

Governing (J-PAL North America)

Billions in federal aid give state and local governments the opportunity to leverage evidence-based approaches to help disproportionately impacted communities and address long-term systemic challenges.

Global Media Agency Seeks Feedback on Next Strategic Plan

Government Executive

 U.S. Agency for Global Media is seeking public comment on what it should prioritize in its strategic plan for the next five years, after a controversial final year under the Trump administration.

Biden Is Moving “Full Speed” on Management Priorities Despite Key Vacancies

Government Executive

The President’s Management Council, is developing a process to frame and implement a management agenda “that will communicate, organize, and prioritize management efforts across the entirety of the federal government to drive further results against these goals and beyond,”

Is This the Moment to Truly Transform the ROI of Higher Education?

Arnold Ventures

There are programs that are proven to grow college completion rates. The Biden administration’s American Families Plan wants to spend $62 billion to expand them.

Pipeline Safety: Performance Measures Needed to Assess Recent Changes to Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Safety Regulations

Government Accountability Office

Several pipeline operators said they would need to modify or replace pipelines to accommodate certain inspection tools. The federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration hasn’t developed measures to assess whether the changes improve safety. 

Census Bureau Training Five Agencies to Run “Do-It-Yourself” Data Sprints

Federal News Network

The Census Bureau’s Opportunity Project matches agencies up with tech teams from the private sector to create digital projects that benefit the public and unlock new benefits from federal data.

Resource of the Week: Engaging the Organization in Effective Performance Management – Translating Vision into Results

Richard Beck and John O’Brien

A new book on how to install performance management in an organization using a holistic approach, guided by three main principles.

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