Accountability and Performance Update – July 12 – 18, 2021

A Path Forward for Funding Relief

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Bill Leighty)

Governments at the state and local levels are faced with an unheard-of set of fiscal circumstances. That is, a financial windfall of unprecedented proportions due to the passage of the American Rescue Plan and previous COVID-19 relief packages.

Bloomberg Philanthropies Recognizes 16 U.S. Cities for Using Data Most Effectively

Bloomberg Philanthropies 

Fourth annual What Works Cities certification commends excellence in using evidence and data to improve city services, increase transparency, and promote civic engagement. Data has proved crucial to guiding city responses to COVID-19.

Strategic Planning Requirement Presents Opportunity to Transform Agency Cultures

Government Matters (Robert Shea)

Shea said he encourages people to read the OMB guidance and emphasized that the requirement has been building up over multiple administrations and is here to stay.

A Plan for America: Design a Project, Track Outcomes, Receive Matching Dollars

Deseret News (Ben McAdams)

A proposal from Results for America and Maycomb Capitol could help local governments jump-start innovated solutions to community problems.

Resource of the Week: City Health Dashboard: Explore health data in your city.

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