Accountability and Performance Update – July 26 – August 1, 2021

NextGen Actionable Insights

Project Evident – July 2021 Newsletter

Project Evident’s Actionable Evidence Initiative works to improve the outcomes of students who are Black, Latino/a/x, or experiencing poverty by promoting “actionable evidence.” 

Evidence-Based Policymaking: Survey Data Identify Opportunities to Strengthen Capacity across Federal Agencies

Government Accountability Office

GAO surveyed about 4,000 federal managers in 2020, and nearly all respondents said they had at least one type of evidence available for their programs. However, many fewer reported that their agencies had sufficient capacity (e.g., staff with skills) to develop and use evidence.

FYI: Here are the survey data details:

Evaluating Evidence Building Plans: A Review of Five Federal Learning Agendas

The Data Foundation

The Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018 (Evidence Act) requires federal agencies to produce evidence-building plans, or learning agendas.1 While the initial cohort of public learning agendas required by the Evidence Act is not expected to be published until 2022, some agencies have already published learning agendas or produced interim plans offering insights and approaches that may be helpful to other organizations. 

The Value of Organizational Health

PATimes (Andrew Kleine)

When I confront a problem, my first instinct is to gather data. In the same way that I had always obsessed over service delivery metrics, financial trends and outcome indicators, I wanted to measure and monitor the well-being of my organization, which really means the people who do the work. . . . There are seven factors around which to develop your Organizational Health Dashboard. . . . 

Resource of the Week: Analysis of the American Rescue Plan’s Evidence-Based Policymaking Provisions

The Policy Lab

By using the best available data and research to inform decision making, state leaders can ensure federal funding is invested in the most effective programs and policies that will lead to improved state outcomes. 

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