Accountability and Performance Update – August 9 – 15, 2021

Features of Effective Systemic Foresight in Governments Globally

Government Office for Science (United Kingdom)

This report showcases how eight governments around the world use foresight and futures techniques. It examines the key features of their programmes, and the impact they have on the quality and efficacy of policies and strategies.

Why Evidence Should Be the Servant, Not the Master, of Good Policy

Apolitical (Thea Snow and Adrian Brown)

The term “evidence-based policy” was made popular in the 1990s by the Blair Labour government in the UK and, over the ensuing years, “the ideals of evidence-based policy became a global movement.” Now, a couple of decades on, how do we feel about this?

Budgeting for Climate: The City of Pittsburgh Repurposes Resources for a Sustainable Future

The Atlas

Through Priority Based Budgeting, the City of Pittsburgh, PA, identified $41 million in resource repurposing opportunities.

Agency Equity Metrics a Work in Progress

Government Executive

Acting OMB Director Shalanda Young described the measurement of equitable service as a “nascent” field, in need of constant development and review.

HUD Program Evaluation Policy Statement

Federal Register

This policy statement articulates the core principles and practices of the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s evaluation and research activities. This policy reaffirms HUD’s commitment to conducting rigorous, relevant evaluations and to using evidence from evaluations to inform policy and practice.

Recovery Proposals Adopt Proven Approaches to Reducing Poverty, Increasing Social Mobility

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

The major planks of recovery legislation being considered by the Biden Administration would build out at national scale programs and policies with substantial track records and a strong base of evidence in the United States and abroad. 

What Works? Evidence and Evaluation Key as States and Localities Spend Aid

Route Fifty

The federal government is urging states and localities to study the results of their American Rescue Plan Act spending and to adopt programs with proven track records.

Resource of the Week:  Data-Driven Governments – List of city and county governments that use data, analysis, process improvement, and/or evidence to continuously improve their services 

City of Alexandria, VA (Greg Useem)

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