Accountability and Performance Update – August 23 – 29, 2021

NIH Team Creates New Data Tool

Federal News Network

The tool, known as the Employee Viewpoint Survey Analysis and Results Tool, or EVS ART, helps agency leaders quickly sift through the mountain of annual FEVS data from the Office of Personnel Management and clearly pinpoint bright spots and weak points.

Data Quality, Framework, Accessibility Are Key to Implementing Emerging Technologies

Federal News Network

Some Chief Data Officers will go so far as to say that the only way to drive value with data is by ensuring unfettered access to what data is available. In pursuing that goal, data silos become their chief nemesis.

Pandemic Oversight Committee Creates Center of Excellence

Pandemic Response Accountability Committee

To support its mission and that of its Office of Inspectors General (OIG) members, the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee (PRAC) has established the Pandemic Analytics Center of Excellence (PACE) to provide a leading-edge analytic platform with the capacity and scale to help oversee more than $5 trillion in pandemic-related emergency spending. 

Building a Governmentwide Management Learning Agenda

U.S. Office of Management and Budget

The Office of Management and Budget is exploring the development of a federal governmentwide learning agenda that would focus on key cross-cutting management questions – the kinds of questions about how the Federal Government operates that apply across agencies.

Resource of the Week:  Performance Management Toolkit for Practitioners

Praja Trivedi, former secretary for performance management for the Government of India and senior advisor to the secretary general of the Commonwealth Secretariat, has compiled a series of “how to” videos for those interested in performance management.

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