Accountability and Performance Update – October 18-24, 2021

NEW: List of Curated Academic Articles on Performance. The chair of CAP’s Joseph Wholey Distinguished Scholarship Award committee, Dr. Elaine Lu, has created a curated list of academic journal articles published in 2020 and 2021. It is ONLY a start and by no means complete. You are invited to contribute additional articles that you may have identified that you think should be considered for the Wholey Award for 2021.  This editable Google Docs file will also serve the broader academic community by becoming a one-stop shopping for up-to-date scholarly publications on performance-related topics. Contributors will be invited to a small gathering at the end of 2021.

The Missing Element in Revitalizing the Workforce: Performance

Government Executive (Howard Risher)

As long as day-to-day management of performance remains unchanged, it’s unrealistic to expect better results.

Three Pandemic Lessons for the Next Crisis

Government Executive (Katherine Barrett, Richard Greene, and Donald Kettl)

Data is the key to understanding a problem well enough to develop a solution. Everyone involved in combating big problems needs to be able to communicate with each other – both to understand the problem and to share strategies to solve the problem.

Data Mapping the Social Determinants of Public Health


A commission created by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation argues that tracking metrics reflecting the social factors of health – such as diet and housing – is integral to reforming the current disjointed public health data system.

Podcast: Managing Performance at the Veterans Benefits Administration

Government Executive

Paul Lawrence, former undersecretary for veterans benefits, joined the podcast to talk about paths to government transformation and the importance of performance management, and his new book on the topic “Transforming Service to Veterans.”

OMB Releases Federal Data Strategy 2021Action Plan

Federal News Network

The Office of Management and Budget released its new action plan, setting interagency goals around the use of artificial intelligence in government, while also assessing progress made under last year’s action plan.

Evidence-Based Policy Provisions in Build Back Better Act

Results for America

This public letter highlights specific evidence-supporting provisions in pending legislation as well as recommendations on how they might be strengthened.

New Analysis of State Fiscal Recovery Funds

National Association of State Budget Officers

This issue brief looks at processes for allocating State Fiscal Recovery Funds and planned uses, based on state and territory reports in their recovery plans to the U.S. Treasury.

Resources of the Week:

Interactive Dashboards to Track Spending and Performance of Federal Pandemic Relief Funds

Pandemic Relief Accountability Committee

Here’s a set of federal interactive dashboards along with data and other interactive tools. They allow you to drill down to find details about more than $5 trillion in federal spending related to the pandemic.

New York State COVID Relief Program Tracker. The state’s Comptroller has created a dashboard to track federal relief funds received during the pandemic. It explains what the funds are authorized for use, how much has been received and spent.

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