Accountability and Performance Update – February 7-13, 2022

ASPA and CAP Announce Award Recipients for 2022

The American Society for Public Administration and its Center for Accountability and Performance announce the recipients of the Center’s annual recognition awards for Emerging Leaders, a Performance Practitioner, a Scholar, and an Organization distinguished in using performance information. The award ceremony will be held in conjunction with ASPA’s annual conference.

Introducing the New PPB – Pragmatic Program Budgeting

World Bank

Program budgeting is a reform that intends to shift the focus of budgetary processes from control of inputs to producing measurable results. This paper aims to help resolve the tensions between planning, management, and control in pursuit of higher performance from governments. 

Reflect and Reimagine: Learning from Our N. America Team in 2021

Center for Public Impact

 20+ actions public servants and organizations that work with government can take to drive better outcomes in their communities, such as designing programs around learning and adaptation.

Where Project Managers Go Wrong and What to Do About It

Government Executive

Despite training and good intentions, project managers often make the same mistakes over and over again. Here are some things you can do to improve your PM’s performance.

The Rethinking Budget Initiative

Government Finance Officers Association

We believe that local governments have an opportunity to update budgeting practices to take advantage of new ways of thinking, new technologies, and to better meet the changing needs of communities. It covers strategic planning, public engagement, and other topics. Rethinking Budgeting is an on-going initiative.

A Best Practice Leader in Pandemic Response and Recovery

Washington County, OR

Washington County was one of four counties nationally to demonstrate a clear investment across all data and evidence criteria in Results for America’s Data, Evidence, and Outcome Provisions Assessment for ARPA Recovery Plan Performance Reports. Here’s a link to its Rescue Plan webpage.

The Value of Organizational Health

PATimes (Andrew Kleine)

As chief administrative officer for Montgomery County, MD, he developed and used 10-12 measures of organizational health as a regular part of senior leadership strategy sessions and departmental performance discussions. If you want your dashboard to be a tool for progress, and not just artwork, set targets for improvement on each of your organizational health indicators. 

Resource of the Week:  Florida Benchmarking Consortium

The FBC is the largest intra-state local government benchmarking consortium within the United States. There currently are 50+/- member local governments.  Each member participates across 20 local government performance management-focused service areas, potentially using a combined total of over 800 performance measures.

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