Accountability and Performance Update – April 18-24, 2022

Rethinking Budgeting: Defining the Problem

Government Finance Officers Association

Six design principles for defining problems more clearly. “A problem not fully understood is not solvable, and a problem that is fully understood is half solved,” – Charles Kettering, Inventor

WEBINAR: Implementing President Biden’s Management Agenda

ASPA CAP Webinar: May 4 (free)

This webinar, with the team lead and other members of the implementation team President Biden’s Management Agenda, will include an overview of the President’s management priorities and on how they will be implemented, 

Postal Service Dashboards

Federal News Network

A major reform bill signed last week by President Joe Biden is expected to save the Postal Service $107 billion, a major step in addressing the agency’s long-term financial challenges. In return, USPS is now required under the Postal Service Reform Act to create a dashboard that tracks on-time delivery data nationwide.

How Federal Agencies Can Improve Americans’ Health and Well-Being

Government Executive

Federal agencies have the opportunity and responsibility to integrate the social determinants of health into their missions and their work. Factors including employment status, education, income, housing, food security, transportation, and the environment can have a major impact on health outcomes. Federal agencies responsible for these and other aspects of American life have the opportunity and responsibility to integrate the SDOH into their missions and their work. 

New CDC team: A ‘Weather Service’ to forecast what’s next in pandemic

Roughly 100 scientists will analyze data and communicate policy options to decision-makers and the public about how the virus is behaving and who is most at risk — in user-friendly terms.

Dept of Education to Create Online Dashboard of Equity Data

Government Technology

To provide more transparency in the education space, as part of its inaugural equity action plan fulfilling an executive order from the Biden administration, the U.S. Department of Education will create an “Equity in Education” online information dashboard.

Using Data to Build Trust in Government

Barrett & Greene (op-ed by Doug Criscitello)

The development of web-based applications providing citizens with direct access to government data (e.g.,,,, have significantly enhanced transparency and accountability by answering the “what, where and when” questions involving government operations and expenditures. . . . The “why and how well” questions are more complex.

Resource of the Week:  Center for Results-Focused Leadership

The Center was launched in 2021 with a unique mission to be a strategic advisor on high-priority evidence, performance, and innovation projects for public agencies, jurisdictions and nonprofit organizations.

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