Accountability and Performance Update – Oct 10-16, 2022

Project Performance Reporting in New South Wales [Australia] Local Government

International Journal of Public Administration (Austin Morris, et al) – Gated access

This research highlights the inconsistencies in the way local government project performance is being reported and presents one measure of project success based on publicly available information.

Building a Data Foundation

Partnership for Public Service (report release event – 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. Eastern, Wednesday, Oct. 26)

This on-line event will focus on the release of a new report about how select federal agencies have successfully created a data infrastructure and used that data to drive lasting change on the three priorities in the President’s Management Agenda.

Priority-Based Business Planning and Budgeting

Strathcona County, Alberta, Canada

Priority based budgeting helps Strathcona County to better understand the services it provides citizens and businesses; how much they cost, and how they reflect and address its 8 strategic goals and priorities.  

Performance Audit Reports (podcast: 37:10 min.)

Mark Funkhouser

In this podcast interview, Funkhouser describes by performance auditors need information, ideas, and allies – and why the final reports never “speak for themselves.”

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