Accountability and Performance Update – Nov 21-27, 2022

Public Performance Conference: Innovations and Lessons for Policymakers – Call for Papers

National Center for Public Performance

NCPP is partnering with the Management Development Institute in India and the Commonwealth Secretariat to sponsor a three-day conference (March 25-27, 2023). The goal of the conference is to garner evidence and identify best practices on innovation and smart practices in public performance management worldwide. Proposals for papers are due November 30, 2022.

Tennessee’s Approach to Evidence-Based Budgeting

TN Department of Finance & Administration

Tennessee is placing a greater focus on ensuring it invests in what works to best serve citizens across the state. Part of this effort, known as evidence-based budgeting, began in the spring of 2019 within the budget division of the Department of Finance and Administration. Current fiscal year budgeting forms, required from all executive agencies, use the Tennessee Evidence Framework and follow the principles of evidence-based budgeting.

The Balanced Scorecard Doesn’t Properly Cascade and Align KPIs 
Stacey Barr’s Blog

Balanced Scorecard Strategy Maps are popular, but they are not the best way to properly cascade and align KPIs throughout an organization.

The Essential Guide to Priority-Based Budgeting

In contrast to traditional budgeting models, priority-based budgets align resources and funding with community priorities and outcomes. This shifts the focus to accountability for a program’s results, creating transparency and a better understanding of the true cost of each program.

Organizational Performance and Government Resource Allocation

Public Performance & Management Review (Gated Access)

This study examines if different levels of organizational performance achievement affect annual budget changes, focusing on Washington State’s public programs from 2006 to 2015. This study finds significant relationships and concludes that higher program performance may lead to budget increases.

Resource of the Week: New York City-Wide Agency Performance Reports

New York City, Office of the Mayor

The Citywide Performance Report represents 424 critical performance measures from more than 40 City agencies. From this webpage, you can search for measures of various services, review data summarizing how well government is performing in different areas, analyze long-term trends, and see specific agencies’ outcome measures.

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