Accountability and Performance Update – Dec 26-31, 2022

Evidence Brief #3: Collecting and Using Data

Urban Institute

Effective public management and high-quality evidence require good data. Data are turned into evidence through data analyses and well-designed research. Quality data turned into evidence can help government agencies, officials, and others decide where to focus their efforts, find ways to improve, increase adoption of good practices, and build public understanding of and trust in government 

Exploring the Shift from Output Measures to Outcome Measures of Service Delivery

Public Performance & Management Review

This article identifies organizational, individual, and support factors that could increase the probability that local officials in the Apulia Region of Italy when measuring performance, will move beyond the basic measures of output to the more advanced measures of outcome.

Broadband: USDA Should Set Performance Goals and Improve Fraud Risk Management

U.S. Government Accountability Office

Since 2019, the Department of Agriculture’s “ReConnect” program has awarded millions of dollars in grants and loans to broadband providers for expanding service in rural area. But USDA hasn’t set specific goals for what it wants this program to achieve or for how it will measure how well the program is working.

Resource of the Week:  Using AI to Navigate Data in Outcome-Based Contracts

UK Government Outcomes Lab

This tool allows you to navigate and explore data extracted from nearly 2000 academic and grey literature publications related to outcomes-based contracting.

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