Accountability and Performance Update – Feb 13-19, 2023

Measurement Tools Help Cities

Public Administration Today

On November 30, 2022, the National League of Cities and the International WELL Building Institute co-hosted a webinar on “Tools to Measure Health & Well-being for Infrastructure Development,” as part of their ongoing partnership to help city leaders improve the health and wellbeing of their communities. This article summarizes the event.

Measures Should Focus Measures on What Matters

Public Administration Today

Governments need quantitative metrics to gain a sense of how things are going. This makes government performance measurement an essential part of city leadership. But prioritizing the wrong metrics can lead decision-makers astray and cause people to lose sight of their goals.

CDOs Seen as “Game Changer” for Equity and Customer Experience

Federal News Network

The Biden administration is calling on the expertise of more than 90 chief data officers across the federal government to accelerate progress on two of its top management priorities.

Quasi-Experimental Evidence of the Effects of Performance Feedback

Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory (paywalled)

This article examines how the use of an “honor list” and “shame roll” as a means of performance feedback can influence governments’ future performance improvement, focusing on a prominent performance management reform implemented in Chinese local governments.

Does Ranking Stimulate Government Performance?

Social Indicators Research (paywalled)

With the air quality ranking of China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment as a case, this paper examines whether the public ranking could stimulate the ranked cities to improve performance. The results show that the horizontal ranking, i.e., the relative position among the cities, significantly stimulates the cities to improve air quality.

New Leader for Federal Workforce and Agency Performance Issues

Government Executive

Loren DeJonge Schulman this week began her tenure as associate director for performance and personnel management within the Office of Management and Budget. She joined the White House after spending nearly three years at the Partnership for Public Service as the vice president for research, evaluation and modernizing government.

Futures Planning: 8 Ways to Enhance Strategic Planning


Researchers developed a model to measure the future preparedness of firms in 2008. They then followed up to see if a company’s corporate foresight had a positive impact on performance in 2015. . . . Their findings revealed a strong correlation with performance and long-term thinking, showing that organizations that recognize the future might change the very foundation of their businesses are 33% more profitable and achieve a 200% higher growth rate than the average company that does not.

CEOs Ditch Decades of Forecasting Habits

Financial Times

Instead of setting out specific goals for the year, Ikea has a set of “scenarios” to give the business wiggle room as the outlook changes. It means acknowledging that widely different outcomes are possible. It teaches agility in how the company operates.

Webinars This Week:

Setting Up and Evaluating Programs with an Eye on Equity

Center for Accountability & Performance (Tuesday, Feb 21st @ 1:00 p.m. Eastern)

The drive toward creating diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) in the public sector is a significant issue for many governments — as well as the people they serve. But how can they establish an environment that fosters these goals and then be held accountable for their success or failure — and how can they achieve better measurement toward improved outcomes? Panelists from GAO, San Diego, Oakland, CA, and Berkeley.

“Let’s Talk Performance” 

National Center for Public Performance (Webinar: Wednesday, February 22nd @ 11:00 EST)

Prof. Elaine Yi Lu  (City University of New York) and Prof. Katherine Willoughby (University of Georgia) will discuss their award-winning book “Public Performance Budgeting: Principles and Practice” moderated by Greg Useem, Chief Performance Officer for the City of Alexandria, Va.

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