Accountability and Performance Update – Mar 20-26, 2023

Webinar: Federal Management & Performance Priorities for 2023. Wed., Mar. 29, 1 p.m. Eastern)

ASPA Center for Accountability & Performance

President Biden released his proposed fiscal year 2024 budget in earlier this month. It was accompanied by his management priorities – both government wide and agency specific. This session will be an update on progress over the past year along with a summary of new initiatives for the coming year, with an emphasis on the status of the first-ever set of governmentwide and agency level learning agendas.

Webinar: 21st Century Budgeting: From Line Items to Priority-Based Budgeting

International City/County Managers Association (ICMA)

This three-part workshop uses interactive sessions to teach the process of implementing PBB and applying the data to budget creation and decision making. April 6-20, 2023.

Opportunity to Expand Smart Budgeting


An initiative to help policymakers use evidence to inform spending – the Pew-McArthur Results First initiative begun in 2010 — is coming to a close after more than a decade, but it should be just the beginning of state governments’ efforts to bring analytical tools to bear to produce better outcomes.

White House Report on Implementation of Equitable Data Initiatives

National Science and Technology Council

The report highlights progress on making disaggregated data the norm (while protecting privacy). Federal agencies are collecting, generating, and analyzing disaggregated data – reflecting race, veterans status, income level, rural & urban, etc. – and are hiring data practitioners to analyze these data.

How to Spend Your City’s Money

New Yorker

In participatory budgeting, much depends upon the details: how much funding is allocated, what types of projects are eligible, how they are sorted, who actually participates, and so on. But the system, when it’s executed well, promises to do more than simply allocate funds. It can improve the quality of public works and services; by strengthening civil society and increasing transparency and trust in government.

Is Participatory Budgeting Coming to a Community Near You?


Participatory budgeting has slowly been growing since it was first introduced in the U.S. in Chicago in 2009. Many anticipate it is about to see a boom as billions of federal dollars continue to pour into local communities.

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