Accountability and Performance Update – May 1-7, 2023

WEBINAR: Local Strategic Planning & Community Engagement (May 17 – 11 a.m. Eastern)

National Academy of Public Administration

Leaders from Baltimore County, MD, and South Bend, IN, will talk about their communities’ needs and lessons learned on the importance of strategic planning and public engagement.

Foresight: Reimagining American Democracy as Governance for the Future

The Fulcrum (Suzette Brooks Masters)

The United States — at all levels and across all branches — lags many other countries in adopting and making full use of strategic foresight and futures thinking to chart a course towards our North Star — a more equitable, pluralist, sustainable and abundant society and planet.

It’s Time for a Health Check Up!

IBM Center for The Business of Government

The U.S. Office of Management and Budget’s mid-April memo to agencies on the post-pandemic workplace directs agencies to establish ongoing routines to assess, monitor progress and diagnose issues relating to organizational health and performance matters, such as improving employee engagement, customer service and employee-to-contractor ratios. It also directs agencies to develop an “organizational health and performance framework” that encompasses a set of indicators to measure, monitor, and improve organizational health and performance.

New Organizational Health and Performance Directive for Federal Agencies: A Fertile Field for Research

PATimes (Bill Brantley)

Over the years, I’ve refined the concepts of organizational health and agility with a focus on the role of leadership . . .  As federal agencies implement the OMB Org Health Memo, they can provide the data to study the links between leadership, engagement and organizational health and performance.

Our Accountability System is Broken. Fix It First

Government Executive

In an op-ed column, Ron Sanders says our accountability system — the way we hold federal employees accountable for meeting reasonable standards of performance and behavior—is badly broken. As a result, it’s become a political albatross around the neck of other civil service reform efforts.

Does Performance-Related Pay Work?

Policy Design & Practice

A meta-analysis of studies finds a statistically significant, positive but small population effect size between performance-related pay and employee and performance outcomes.

Resource of the Week:  Example of a Great Federal Performance Report

U.S. Department of Commerce

The Commerce Performance Data Pro webpage provides key data sources about the department’s work, its FY 2022-2024 Annual Performance Plan and Report, and a separate set of “tiles” for each agency strategic objective and sub-objective in its four-year strategic plan. 

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