Accountability and Performance Update – June 6- 12, 2022

A Hopeful Update on the President’s Management Agenda

Steve Kelman says there’s a lot to like in the more recent Biden administration’s approaches to improving citizen satisfaction, employee engagement and acquisition reform – after a critical blog last Fall when the initial vision statement didn’t have enough about performance metrics.

Public Officials’ Interpretation of Conflicting Performance Information

Public Management Review (Amandine Lerusse and Steven Van de Walle)

The authors found that public officials use goal reprioritization rather than unbiased decision-making when assessing conflicting performance information, questioning the efficient use of performance information by public decisionmakers.

Webinar-What’s Happening in the Real World? Stories from Emerging Leaders in Performance Management: Thu, Jun 16, 2022 1PM – 2:00 PM EasternASPA Center for Accountability & Performance

What’s happening on the front lines of performance management? CAP’s latest cohort of “Emerging Leaders of Excellence” will share innovations in the field from around the U.S., including Arlington County, VA, Albuquerque, NM, Chattanooga, TN, and the Johns Hopkins Center for Government Excellence. Details and Register Here.

Reimagining State Data Systems for Education

Data Quality Campaign

State systems that securely bring together data from across the early childhood, K-12, postsecondary and workforce sectors should be the connective thread among agencies — but are not up to the task. DQC is partnering with others to collaboratively develop a vision that serves communities as well as policymakers and researchers.

Demographic Data Helps Colorado Lawmakers

Pew Charitable Trusts/Results First

To help lawmakers better understand how their proposals could create disparate outcomes for different populations, Colorado’s General Assembly established a formal, nonpartisan process in 2019 to analyze the potential impact of legislation in what are called demographic notes. This article describes how “demographic notes” work.

Resource of the Week: – The Home of Federal Program Evaluation

U.S. Office of Management and Budget

The Biden Administration has launched a “Year of Evidence for Action” at its first-ever White House Summit on Evidence, during which it will share leading practices from federal agencies and increase connections and collaboration among researchers via this one-stop website.

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Accountability and Performance Update – May 30-June 5, 2022

Performance Strategies & Tactics in USDA’s Strategic Plan

Owen Amber (LinkedIn Post)

Highlights of several USDA performance strategies and tactics detailed in its most recently released strategic plan.

GPRA Reform 3.0

The Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee introduced S.4167 “Federal Agency Performance Act of 2022” to amend the Government Performance and Results Act to require annual agency strategic reviews – which is currently an OMB-developed initiative begun under President Obama and which continues today. The bill also includes other administratively-developed best practices.

Minnesota Boosts State’s Capacity to Evaluate Effectiveness of Agency Programs

Pew Charitable Trusts/Results First

Minnesota has expanded its internal capacity to evaluate programs and guide their improvement to ensure better public outcomes with the creation of the state’s Impact Evaluation Unit

Using Machine Learning to Improve Targeting to At-Risk Populations

Social Impact

In this post, we highlight a recent Data Science project that used machine learning to improve a risk screen to more efficiently target violence-prevention counseling programs towards youth most at-risk of becoming involved in crime.

How the Federal Government Is Mobilizing to Enable Data-Driven Decision Making


This is the story of the federal government initiative to transform all Federal agencies to enable data-driven decision making in a fast-paced, changing, and competitive world and national economy.

Resource of the Week:  Conducting Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

J-PAL North America

This resource is intended for researchers who are interested in collecting cost data and conducting comparative cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) for their evaluation. 

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Accountability and Performance Update – May 23-29, 2022

4 Steps for Building a Programme-Based Budget for Local Government Leaders

One of the most direct breakthroughs in delivering on the fulfilment of budgeting for equitable prosperity is the ability to convert the budgeting process to a true programme budget.

Register: Frontiers of Government Performance Management (June 6-8; On-Line)

Commonwealth Secretariat

Be an observer of the international 2nd Biennial Pan-Commonwealth meeting of heads of public service/cabinet secretaries as they discuss generally-accepted performance principles and present case studies of what individual governments are doing to implement performance practices. Here is the Meeting Background & Agenda.

Leading Communities in Using Data & Evidence (YouTube video panel discussion; 45 min.)

Results for America

In this panel session, three state and local government leaders from both parties highlighted how investing in the use of data and evidence can improve the lives of local residents and reduce racial inequality. 

Resource of the Week:  Data Labs Playbook

The Beeck Center at Georgetown University and the National Governors’ Association teamed to develop this practical guide for public servants who want to launch a data-informed project in their state. It is based on a 9-month program in which 8 state teams developed a data project to support their Covid economic recovery efforts. 

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Accountability and Performance Update – May 16-22, 2022

International Trends in Government Performance

National Center for Public Performance (YouTube Video)

Two-hour segment of the Marc Holzer 2022 Symposium on Public Performance Management. Discussion of “generally accepted performance principles” and their application in Namibia, Kenya, Barbados, Nigeria, and Bangladesh. 

Rethinking Monitoring and Evaluation in Complex Systems

UNDP Strategic Innovation Unit

 We have learned that using systems and portfolio approaches requires very different ways of doing monitoring, evaluation, and results measurement. This is rooted in the realization that we cannot hope to transform complex systems through business-as-usual approaches founded on linear project-based modes of planning, management, and evaluation.

What Is the Purpose of a Performance Audit?

City of Austin, TX, Auditor’s Office (YouTube Video)

In this episode of THE SAMPLE, Leita Hart-Fanta, CPA answers the question, “What Is the Purpose of a Performance Audit?” and discusses the three questions you can ask about a program in general.

New Directions for Evaluation

Data Foundation (Special Issue, Spring 2022)

This issue of New Directions for Evaluation (NDE) surveys the landscape of evaluation policy. . . . Much has changed since the 2009 issue, including: more widespread development of explicit evaluation policies in agencies and organizations; empirical studies of evaluation policies; important legislation at the U.S. federal level, etc.

Resource of the Week:  Association for Government Accountants

This national professional association for public accountants in both the public and private sectors sponsors research and advocacy for performance management as part of its mission. It provides training, certification, standards, and guidance to its membership.

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Accountability and Performance Update – May 9-15, 2022

Performance Management: Not a Silver Bullet

Barrett & Greene

When we first began down this path, . . .  we were true believers, and were convinced that all state and local governments needed to do was to measure things and programmatic successes would inevitably follow. Of course, that turned out not to be the case, and as time went on we learned that for all the promises of performance management there were a number of pitfalls.

Sharing Federal Digital Services with Other Layers of Government

Aaron Snow’s Blog

Legislation is pending in both Canada and the U.S. to break down organizational silos by making federal tech services and platforms available to state, local, tribal, and territorial governments. 

What’s Next for Behavioral Nudges?

Bloomberg Cities Network

To learn what’s next in nudges—and how city leaders can get there—Bloomberg Cities caught up with David Halpern and another luminary in the field, Elizabeth Linos. .  . . Here are 10 new directions these two experts see the use of behavioral insights headed in local government in the years to come.

Unexpected Monies Could Be Used to Address Long-standing Needs

IBM Center for The Business of Government

A blockbuster, one-time-only pandemic-driven grant of $350 billion to states and localities has created an opportunity of a lifetime to make investments in longstanding needs. Will officials be up to the challenge?

A Quick Take on President Biden’s Management Agenda

Government Executive

it took more than a year into his term, but it’s a foundation for a legacy in improving government operations and public trust.  Here are some takeaways from the cross-agency priority goals and agency priority goals, both statutorily required by the 2010 GPRA Modernization Act.

California’s Cradle-to-Career Data System

Office of the Governor

The Office of Cradle-to-Career Data has signed landmark legal agreements with 15 education, social service, and workforce entities that allow for the creation of data sets on student progress from pre-K through college and employment.

Measuring Administrative Burden

Federal Computer Week

The Biden administration wants federal agencies to clear away the administrative burdens Americans take on when they interact with the government. . . . That’s a term that Donald Moynihan and Pamela Herd, both professors at Georgetown University, have been studying since 2010. . . . Now, the two are hoping to create a standard way to measure it.

Resource of the Week:  Results for America

This nonprofit, bipartisan organization focuses on encouraging decision-makers at all levels of government to harness the power of evidence and data to solve public challenges, and by advocating for investments in “what works.” Here’s a link to its successes and impact over the past decade:

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