Accountability and Performance Weekly – October 19-25

Performance Management
The White House’s Original Sin: A Failure of Effective Management
Norm Ornstein, Government Executive
Commentary on challenges related to administration and execution within the executive branch.

Senate Confirms OMB Management Deputy
Charles Clark, Government Executive
The Senate approved Beth Cobert, President Obama’s nominee to be deputy director for management at OMB.

Approaching Public Administration from a Complexity Perspective
Peter K. Marks and Lasse M. Gerrits, Public Administration Review
Events are complex when they are not comprehensible, generate unexpected outcomes, or have different impacts on multiple levels and change over time. Over the past two decades, ideas, concepts, and theories from the complexity sciences have been adapted to public administration.

State’s Use of Cost-Benefit Analysis: An interview with Gary VanLandingham, Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative
Andy Feldman, GovInnovator Blog
Interview with Gary Van Landingham on the Results First initiative, launch in 2011 to help states strengthen their ability to use cost-benefit analysis.

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