Accountability and Performance Weekly – November 8-14, 2014

President’s Data Boosters Push Management Agenda
Charles Clark, Government Executive
OMB and GSA officials seek a legacy of evidence-based performance.

Using Big Data Analytics to Effectively Oversee Financial Markets — The Three Essential Ingredients
Brian Murrow, Business of Government
The SEC’s Center for Risk and Quantitative Analytics looks for potentially suspicious patterns of stock transactions.

How cities are using data to improve outcomes and save money: An interview with Stephen Goldsmith, Professor, Harvard Kennedy School
Andy Feldman, Gov Innovator
Cities are linking data across agencies, analyzing patterns and using predictive analytics, using data to target services or enforcement to get better results, and maintaining a strong focus on outcomes and not just activities.

Interview with GAO’s Chris Mihm on Federal Program Inventory
Federal News Radio
The federal government is supposed to be four years into an effort to inventory all the programs it runs. But that effort hasn’t made it very far.

VA and the office of redundancy office
Jeff Neal, Federal News Radio
Redundancy has many costs and not all of them are financial.

Turning Governments into Innovation Machines
Kevin Desouza, Governing
The key is “intrapreneurship” — establishing a public-sector culture that rewards disruption from within.

Conversations with Prof. Sandford Borins on The Persistence of Innovation in Government
Federal News Radio
What does the landscape of public sector innovation look like and what does this mean for innovators and those who study their efforts? How do awards programs promote innovation efforts? How can a climate for innovation be created in public organizations?

Strategic Planning
Magnifying the Voice of the Future
John Kamensky, Business of Government
Can leaders in a democracy think beyond the next election? This is a key question posed by a New Zealand academic, Jonathan Boston, who is studying how different countries attempt to address long-term risks to society, the environment, and fiscal sustainability.

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