Accountability and Performance Weekly – March 19-25

Government’s Data-Driven Frenemies
Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene, Governing
There’s a long-standing rivalry between the people who do performance measurement and the people who evaluate programs.

Insights from the City of New Orleans’ analytics unit, NOLAlytics, about using data to improve city services
Andy Feldman, Gov Innovator Blog
The City of New Orleans under Mayor Mitch Landrieu has gained a reputation as being one of the most innovative and data-driven city governments. An important element in those efforts is the Office of Performance and Accountability, launched in 2011.

The “De-Siloization” of Knowledge in Government
John Kamensky, Business of Government
Most of an organization’s collective wisdom is locked in people’s heads, and not written down for others to search for and use. So, how do you increase the ability of people to know the expertise of their professional colleagues and share it with each other within a large organization?

A New Twist on ‘Pay for Success’ Programs
Liz Farmer, Governing
A variation on the existing model would provide a money back guarantee should a project fail.

Presidential Transition
Obama Signs Bipartisan Bill to Smooth Presidential Transition
Charles Clark, Government Executive
New law clarifies GSA role and creates interagency council by this summer.

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