Accountability and Performance Weekly – December 17-January 6

Performance Management
Does Benchmarking Make a Difference?
John Kamensky, Business of Government
Publicly comparing similar activities can be a powerful driver for change.

Finding a Fix for Government Performance
Stewart Liff and Paul Gustavson, Government Executive
The incoming administration should look at time-tested management approaches.

Memo to the President: Collaboration Across Boundaries
Donald Kettl, Government Executive
No significant issue can be addressed solely by an individual government agency.

Memo to the President: Strengthening Partnerships with State and Local Governments
Barry Van Lare, Government Executive
The federal government needs to establish a new paradigm that substitutes collaboration and cooperation for command and control.

GAO analyzes how agencies are doing more with less
Tony Ware, Federal Times
A GAO review of three agencies has provided insight into approaches that can help manage and minimize the effects of shrinking federal resources on services to the public.

Government reform must start at White House
Ed DeSeve, Philadelphia Enquirer
According to the author, the new administration needs to scrutinize federal government programs and regulations to determine what is needed and how to provide service to the American public in the most effective, efficient way.

Chief Innovation Officers: An Unclear Role in the Federal Government
Mohana Ravindranath, Nextgov
Today, federal chief innovation officers are significantly less common than the emerging role of chief data officer, and responsibilities associated with the title vary widely between agencies.

The Case Against Federal Chief Innovation Officers
Mohana Ravindranath, Nextgov
Assigning one person to handle all innovation-related programs could unintentionally restrict creative projects to one part of an agency, some analysts say.

White House Leaves Trump a Tech To-Do List
Frank Konkel, Nextgov
The Office of Science and Technology’s exit memo features many recommendations to keep the country’s tech edge.

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