Accountability and Performance Weekly – March 11-17

Performance Management
Here’s Something We Can All Agree On: Agencies Need to Deliver Results
Andrew Feldman and Seth Harris, Government Executive
In a time of superheated politics, a focus on government performance is especially important.
Government Performance Management Systems: Case Studies From South Asia
Prajapati Trivedi, Business of Government
An effective performance management system must be able to create the missing bottom line in a government organization. To be able to do this, a performance measurement system must prioritize success indicators and targets, and indicate how deviation from targets will be judged.

Trump Orders Agencies to Eliminate Waste, Workforce Redundancies
Eric Katz, Government Executive
Executive action follows trend of presidential promises.
Trump signs government reorganization order
Jason Miller, Federal News Radio
President Donald Trump signed an executive order Monday calling for agencies to analyze their efforts in preparation for a major reorganization.
4 questions about Trump’s agency reorg order
Carten Cordell, Federal Times
While the order lays out a broad plan for how officials are meant to move forward, many questions remain.
Why It’s So Hard to Shut Down a Government Agency
Charles Clark, Government Executive
Trump’s target list of 19 would interrupt many grants and contracts.

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