Accountability and Performance Weekly – March 3-10

Kick-Starting Data-Driven Government
Stephen Goldsmith, Governing
As the civic data field matures, more cities are discovering the value of data to improve government and asking how they can more fully join the movement.

Insights from New Zealand’s “Results” Programme
John Kamensky, Business of Government
You can’t solve “horizontal” problems with “vertical” solutions, and the country of New Zealand – a forerunner of government reforms – learned that the hard way.

Driving Innovation in Government: The Unsung Heroes
Jeff Press and John Malgeri, Government Executive
Political appointees should check their assumptions at the door before launching big changes.

Rhode Island ‘Innovation League’ Mimics Google’s ’20 Percent’ Initiative
Eyragon Eidam, Government Technology
A new approach is putting agency representatives in a room with new voices and new ideas in hopes of addressing some of Rhode Island’s most pressing issues.

Why Everyone Should Master Project Management Skills
Danielle Blumenthal, Government Executive
If you’re doing project management right it is not boring at all because the art and the science of it is to simultaneously juggle a lot of different mini-initiatives aimed at specific outcomes.

Open Government
State, Local Officials Question Open Data Directives Under Trump
Theo Douglas, Government Technology
As online information has disappeared from view, state and local officials wonder how the Trump administration will handle open data.

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