Accountability and Performance Weekly – April 22-28

GAO List of Duplicative Programs to Piggyback on Trump Efficiency Effort
Charles Clark, Government Executive
Congress’ watchdog released its seventh annual inventory of duplicative or fragmented programs with a nod toward the reorganization effort announced by the Trump White House.

Trump’s Separate Pursuit of Two Government Reform Plans Will Hurt Both
Stan Soloway, Government Executive
A more connected and aligned strategy is more likely to drive sustainable, effective results.

Scratch-built government: A ‘how-to’ blueprint
Ron Sanders, Federal Times
As OMB and the agencies consider their next steps here are some lessons learned from previous major government transformations over the last couple of decades they can consider.

Reorganization fever
David Wennergren, Federal Computer Week
It’s worth reviewing what works and doesn’t, so that agencies can avoid the pitfalls of the past and aim to succeed.

Trump Administration Will Ask Career Feds How to Do Things Better — or Not at All
Eric Katz, Government Executive
According to one of the architects of the plan, career federal employees will play an outsized role in crafting the Trump administration’s effort to reshape government.

Performance Management
The Scoreboards That Government’s Front-Line Workers Need
John Bernard, Governing
To improve processes, it’s crucial for everyone to be able to see how they’re doing in real time.

DATA Act deadline is looming, but don’t expect ‘perfection,’ officials say
Samantha Ehlinger, Fedscoop
The first deadline for the DATA Act, which requires all agencies to report spending in a standardized way, is on May 9. But that marker, officials say, is only the beginning.

With New Research ‘Lab,’ D.C. Aims Big for Better Public Policy
J.B. Wogan, Governing
Lots of cities use social science data to help make decisions. But the District of Columbia is going a lot further.

Creating an Executive Corps for All of Government
Beth Cobert, Government Executive
Federal executives are faced with daunting challenges in increasingly complex and fast-moving times.
More often than not they require a multiagency response.

Open Government
How Government’s Data Can Be Truly Useable
Stephen Goldsmith, Governing
Visualization is what residents need to be able to drive action on issues.

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