Accountability and Performance Weekly – February 3-9

The Big Deal About Big Data
Donald Kettl, Government Executive
Ten reasons why big data is more than just the next step in the ongoing evolution in government performance.

Justice taps big data in investigations
Mark Rockwell, Federal Computer Week
Advanced analytics are playing an increasingly important role in the Department of Justice’s financial fraud and drug trafficking investigations.

Why evaluation policies are useful to results-focused federal agencies: An interview with Naomi Goldstein, HHS, and Molly Irwin, DOL
Andy Feldman, Gov Innovator Podcast
A small but growing number of federal departments and agencies have created evaluation policies that describe the principles that those agencies seek to promote when they conduct program evaluations.

Threats to Government Data Are Threats to Democracy
Andre Perry and Katherine Guyot, Government Executive
Researchers highlight the many ways federally-collected data shape Americans’ lives.

Customer Service
Understaffing, lack of training at agencies hampering agency services to public, personnel agency says
Eric Yoder, Washington Post
Shortages of employees — a common feature of troubled government programs — are hampering a range of services to the public.

Geeks Come to the Government’s Rescue
Tod Newcombe, Governing
The organization some refer to as “the Peace Corps for geeks” has launched a major effort to improve the way people apply for benefits.

Not All Innovation Projects Are Born Equal
Alan Pentz, Government Executive
Government innovators can provide minimal proof of concept funding and gate further investment based on a few key milestones.

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