Accountability and Performance Update – January 23-29, 2021

Performance and Management

Biden’s Opportunity to Make Performance Reporting Work a Lot Better

Andrew Feldman and Kathy Stack, Government Executive

The White House should go beyond simply reversing what the previous administration did and use data to improve outcomes through true results-driven governance.

It’s ‘Back to the Future’ to Improve Agency Management Practices

John Kamensky, Government Executive

Given the shift in workplace dynamics driven by the pandemic, creating a new bottom-up initiative with a focus on quality management may be what’s needed now.

OMB memo lays out agency performance metric challenges for Biden administration

Jory Heckman, Federal News Network

A last-minute memo from the Trump administration created some uncertainty about performance information in the budget process when OMB removed key guidance from its A-11 Circular. In the final week of the Trump administration, however, OMB issued a second memo, clarifying that agencies should still measure and track program performance data as required by GPRA.

Open Data and Analytics

Treasury’s fiscal data site growing by leaps and bounds

Dave Nyczepir, FedScoop

The Treasury’s one-stop shop for data about federal finances has added six datasets since its launch last summer, with plans for a couple more additions in the next few months.

The Role AI Plays in Safeguarding Government Data

Seth Cutler, NextGov

Government agencies need to pivot to better filter and monitor incoming threats and data with velocity, efficiency and optimization.

Can better data improve federal hiring?

Natalie Alms, FCW

Alternative hiring assessments show promise for improving the yield of successful applicants from federal job postings.

Why Federal Information Governance Is a Team Sport

Lynsey Jensen, Nextgov

The federal government needs to ensure that trust in federal data stewardship is always maintained.

Customer Service

Can government fix vaccine distribution screwup?

Tom Temin, Federal News Network

The hope produced by success of the vaccine tests quickly turned sour as millions scramble to actually obtain shots. You might say the vaccine rollout has been the ultimate customer experience failure.

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